Warriors Orochi

First in the Musou Orochi/Warriors Orochi series, bringing together the worlds of Dynasty Warriors and Samurai Warriors in an ambitious crossover affair as these renowned fighters take on the forces of the demon king Orochi.

Developer: Omega Force
Publisher: Koei
Available on: PlayStation 2, Xbox 360

Warriors Wednesday

Articles about Warriors Orochi

Warriors Wednesday: Worst Sneak Attack Ever - Wu, Wu! That’s the sound of the pain train coming your way, Orochi… just, uh, not just yet. Sun Ce and friends continue being forced into an uneasy alliance with Captain Snakeypants as people important to them are held hostage. Sun Ce has little choice but to go along with Orochi’s scheming until he and … Continue reading Warriors Wednesday: Worst Sneak Attack Ever
Warriors Wednesday: Rocket-Launcher Spear - It’s time to start a new campaign in Warriors Orochi! Yes, this week we leave behind the Samurai Warriors in favour of the Wu campaign, although we get to keep all the abilities and whatnot we unlocked over the course of our Samurai adventure. Wu, it seems, is in cahoots with Orochi — though not … Continue reading Warriors Wednesday: Rocket-Launcher Spear
Waifu* Wednesday: Ranmaru Mori - Prior to firing up Warriors Orochi for the ongoing Warriors Wednesday video series, my sole contact with Omega Force’s formidable franchise was various incarnations of Dynasty Warriors. Having never encountered Samurai Warriors and its cast, I had consequently never stumbled across Ranmaru Mori before. And, as such, I had also never encountered the numerous… discussions over this … Continue reading Waifu* Wednesday: Ranmaru Mori
Warriors Wednesday: Samurai Warriors vs Orochi 2 – Electric Lu Bu-Galoo - Did you think we were done with the adventures of the Samurai Warriors? Well, nope, we weren’t quite finished… Today we tackle the final side mission of the Samurai campaign in Warriors Orochi, which culminates in another tough battle against King Snek himself. Who will prevail? I mean, you know it’s me eventually, but hit the … Continue reading Warriors Wednesday: Samurai Warriors vs Orochi 2 – Electric Lu Bu-Galoo
Warriors Wednesday: Samurai Warriors vs Orochi - We’ve made it! The final battle… for this campaign, anyway. Yes, today we reach the climactic final showdown of the Samurai campaign in Warriors Orochi and face the snake god himself in single combat. Well, okay, we bring along all our friends and pound on him so much he can’t fight back. Even the great warriors of history … Continue reading Warriors Wednesday: Samurai Warriors vs Orochi
Warriors Wednesday: The God of War’s Windmill Blade - We’re nearly there! On the Samurai Warriors campaign, that is. Yes, it’s the penultimate mission of the first phase of our Warriors Orochi playthrough, meaning that next time around we get to wail on ol’ snake boy himself for the first time. After a bit of off-camera unlocking of passive abilities, things are going pretty well for … Continue reading Warriors Wednesday: The God of War’s Windmill Blade
Warriors Wednesday: The Solid Whack You Can Deliver with Wood - Things are getting noticeably more difficult as we approach the conclusion of the Samurai campaign in Warriors Orochi. Today’s mission sees our intrepid heroes facing off against a selection of powerful foes, including “wild man” Keiji Maeda, who threatens to break Xiao Qiao in half (“but who will put me back together again?!”). But help … Continue reading Warriors Wednesday: The Solid Whack You Can Deliver with Wood
Delving into Musou: Warriors Orochi - Regular readers will know that, for a little while now, I’ve been posting videos of my experiences with Warriors Orochi. So I figured it was probably time I wrote about it! This realisation comes at a good time, as although I’m a significant distance away from beating the game — and I would actually like … Continue reading Delving into Musou: Warriors Orochi
Warriors Wednesday: Mistakes Were Made - Ahhh… I knew it wouldn’t last. After last week’s joyful celebrations of clearing a mission first time… today we more than make up for that good performance with a series of unfortunate and crushing defeats. But still, as long as we learn from our mistakes, it’s okay to mess up once or twice, right…?
Around the Network - Hello everyone! It’s been a hectic week for me this week, to say the least. My wife Andie was rushed into hospital with suspected appendicitis early in the week, and then I came down with… something or other as a result of the stress of the whole situation combined with regular visits to A Place … Continue reading Around the Network
Warriors Wednesday: First-Time Clear - I did it! For the first time in quite a while… I cleared a Warriors Orochi battle without messing it up even once. This is surely cause for celebration… at least partly because it almost certainly won’t happen again, as the challenge factor continues to ramp up with each new mission. Hit the jump for … Continue reading Warriors Wednesday: First-Time Clear
Warriors Wednesday: Cavalry’s ‘Ere, Luv - Yes, it’s that time again, and today it’s Lu Xun’s time to shine, having been left somewhat on the sidelines for the last couple of missions. Today the Samurai Warriors and friends take on the Battle of Nagashino and attempt to obtain some cavalry support while assaulting an Orochi stronghold. Unfortunately said cavalry doesn’t appear … Continue reading Warriors Wednesday: Cavalry’s ‘Ere, Luv
Warriors Wednesday: Most Definitely Sorcery Bullshit - It’s once again time for the Samurai Warriors and friends to continue their adventure through the otherworldly realm of Orochi. The difficulty level is starting to ramp up noticeably now — today’s mission takes a few attempts to get just right, but we get there in the end! We’re well past the halfway point of the Samurai Warriors scenario … Continue reading Warriors Wednesday: Most Definitely Sorcery Bullshit
Warriors Wednesday: Pursued By Lu Bu - Talk to any Warriors veteran, and one piece of advice will almost certainly be a constant: “do not pursue Lu Bu”. However, what a lot of people fail to mention is that you should also do your very best to not be pursued by Lu Bu, either, because that is a sure-fire means of finding your insides … Continue reading Warriors Wednesday: Pursued By Lu Bu
Warriors Wednesday: So Many Dongs - It’s Warriors Wednesday time again, as Nobunaga Oda and the Samurai Warriors forces continue to fight back against Orochi and his army. Today we take on the fourth main story mission of the Samurai Warriors campaign, and bust out some new characters, including Okuni and Xiao Qiao. Hit the jump for the new video.
Warriors Wednesday: The Sword That Hits Eight Times - It’s time for another romp in Orochi’s less-than-fair lands as Nobunaga and his samurai friends hack and slash their way to another victory. I, uh, made a small mistake with recording this one in that I accidentally deleted my whole commentary while I was cleaning up my videos folder, so I ended up having to … Continue reading Warriors Wednesday: The Sword That Hits Eight Times
Warriors Wednesday: Still Not Sure How To Pronounce “Cao” - Our adventure through the original Warriors Orochi continues with another of the Samurai scenario’s side stories. Nobunaga and company take on a rescue mission to try and find a new ally. Will they be victorious first time? (No.) How about the second? (Nope.) Maybe third time’s the charm? Hit the jump to see how these … Continue reading Warriors Wednesday: Still Not Sure How To Pronounce “Cao”
Warriors Wednesday: TFW No Big Tiddy Strategist GF - The battles against Orochi’s forces continue as Nobunaga and friends come face to face with a powerful foe. It’s Da Ji, Orochi’s strategist and a master of disguise. Deceiving the Coalition forces by taking on the appearance of the apparently slain Cao Cao, Da Ji seeks to take control of the battlefield on her own … Continue reading Warriors Wednesday: TFW No Big Tiddy Strategist GF
Warriors Wednesday: Know Your Place - The battles continue in Warriors Orochi as Nobunaga and friends attempt to rescue some peasants from a fate worse than death. Or just, you know, death. I’ve been having a real blast with Warriors Orochi so far, and I’m really looking forward to seeing how the series develops over time. The prospect of the upcoming Warriors Orochi 4 incorporating … Continue reading Warriors Wednesday: Know Your Place
Warriors Wednesday: I’m Nobunaga, Bitch - Last month’s feature on Hyrule Warriors got me thoroughly re-enamoured with the Warriors series as a whole, so I figured why not spend some time playing through some installments I’ve never tried before? One subseries I’ve always been particularly curious about is Warriors Orochi, an ambitious, fantastic crossover affair which initially brought together the casts of Dynasty Warriors and Samurai … Continue reading Warriors Wednesday: I’m Nobunaga, Bitch
Hyrule Warriors: Introduction and History - Omega Force’s Warriors (or Musou, if you prefer) is one of the longest-running, most prolific series in all of gaming. And yet it is also one of the most commonly misunderstood and misrepresented in terms of its gameplay. Often dismissed by critics as being little more than mindless button-mashers, the Warriors series has, over time and the … Continue reading Hyrule Warriors: Introduction and History


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