Warriors Wednesday: The God of War’s Windmill Blade – Warriors Orochi #13

We’re nearly there! On the Samurai Warriors campaign, that is.

Yes, it’s the penultimate mission of the first phase of our Warriors Orochi playthrough, meaning that next time around we get to wail on ol’ snake boy himself for the first time.

After a bit of off-camera unlocking of passive abilities, things are going pretty well for the crew. Hit the jump to see how today’s mission went.

Today we swap out the diminutive Xiao Qiao for the formidable force that is Kenshin Uesugi, a legendary figure from the Sengoku period of Japanese history. He’s regarded in legend as a devoted follower of the Buddhist god of war Bishamonten, and even became known among some as the “God of War” himself… or at least an avatar of Bishamonten.

In Warriors Orochi, he’s a power-type character with a spiky sword that looks like it would probably hurt if you got it stuck into any of your bodily orifices (including puncture wounds made by other weaponry), a penchant for whirling his blade around in a windmill-like fashion, and some satisfyingly powerful moves great for finishing off fights with officers.

But can he win a battle? Let’s find out.

More about Warriors Orochi

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