Warriors Wednesday: Yes, We Have No Bananas – Warriors Orochi #22

Today on Warriors Wednesday, it brings me great pleasure to introduce you to my cat Meg, who thought she would participate in the beginning of this video.

After that, we get thoroughly acquainted with the lovely Lady Nō, who is primed and ready to get you all hot under the collar before ruthlessly killing you.

Hit the jump to see how today’s mission went, and how Lady Nō deals with a bad case of how do you like my halberds?

Today’s mission is a pretty straightforward one: it’s a small map on which all we need to do is make sure all the people fleeing a burning castle don’t die horribly. Payment will be provided in meat buns.

Lady Nō seems to be like a pretty fun character to play as, too, so expect to see a bit more of her in the coming episodes as we attempt to unlock her abilities. And Taishi Ci’s big explodey boom attack (that’s what I’ve decided it’s called) is as fun as ever, too, so he’ll doubtless fill out the roster for a little longer yet.

Despite a slight hiccup in progress today, we’re still making good progress through the Wu campaign! Let’s push on and give Orochi another good thrashing!

More about Warriors Orochi

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