Warriors Wednesday: If There Are No Biscuits, There Shall Be Only Death – Warriors Orochi #18

The Wu campaign continues apace as Sun Ce and compatriots attempt to recapture some vital storehouses.

As we all know, an army can’t fight on an empty stomach. And this is just as true in Orochi’s world as it is in our own. As such, when our former Best Boy Mitsuhide Akechi decides to take it upon himself to cut off the Wu forces’ supply lines, there is only one way forward.

Do not stand between Sun Ce and his biscuits.

This was quite an interesting mission in that it wasn’t just about fighting your way to the end — and going for the various abilities along the way helped make it pretty fun, too, as I attempted to meet various conditions while still completing the objectives.

It was also rather fun to run into the characters that had previously formed the backbone of our fighting team in the Samurai campaign. I was very disappointed that Xiao Qiao didn’t put up much of a fight, though. She clearly needs my guidance more than I realised.

This campaign’s going a lot smoother so far thanks to the abilities we’ve unlocked. I’m looking forward to seeing what’s next!

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