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About Pete – Who’s this Pete guy?

FAQ – If you’ve got questions about the site or my coverage of games, here’s your next stop.


MegaFeatures – Large, long-term features that explore whole series or a string of related games.

Cover Game Features – Multi-part features exploring an individual game or series in depth.

Features – Series of articles that are tied together in some way.


The MoeGamer Podcast – The complete series of The MoeGamer Podcast, in audio and video formats.

Videos All of the current and past video series from my YouTube channel.


One-Shots – One-off articles about an individual game or matters relating to gaming culture.

EssentialsArticles that centre around a particular platform, company or style of game.

Delving Into – Multi-part explorations of individual games and series, written as I experience them for the first time.

Waifu Wednesday – Weekly articles on the many wonderful female characters of gaming.

Community – Posts involving the broader gaming, blogging and YouTuber community.

MoeGamer Music – Articles about soundtracks, game-related music, chiptunes and the like.

Anime – Articles about… you know.

Manga – Articles about… you know this one too.

The Archives

From the Archives – Articles from MoeGamer’s “1.0” incarnation (prior to April 2016) plus columns originally published on Games Are Evil.

The Squadron of Shame SquadCast Archives – A complete archive of the Internet’s premier chin-stroking gaming podcast, circa 2008.


Index – An alphabetical index of every article on the site.

Index by Date – A chronological index of every article on the site.

Glossary – Need to brush up on your weeb and gamer terminology? No shame in that; just stop by this page.


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