Warriors Wednesday: Still Not Sure How To Pronounce “Cao” – Warriors Orochi #4

Our adventure through the original Warriors Orochi continues with another of the Samurai scenario’s side stories.

Nobunaga and company take on a rescue mission to try and find a new ally. Will they be victorious first time? (No.) How about the second? (Nope.) Maybe third time’s the charm?

Hit the jump to see how these brave but occasionally incompetent warriors got on with their latest challenge.

Warriors Orochi is good fun. I’m getting decently familiar with the default three Samurai characters now, but having unlocked a few others over the course of the last couple of missions I’ll probably switch things up a bit for the sake of experimentation in the next episode of this.

One thing’s clear: this game, much like the rest of the Warriors series, is much more than simple button-mashing. If you don’t correctly prioritise your objectives on the battlefield or just waste too much time fighting “irrelevant” enemies, you’ll find yourself in trouble! War waits for no man, it seems.

New episodes on Wednesdays; check back here or over on YouTube for more. Thanks for watching!

More about Warriors Orochi

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3 thoughts on “Warriors Wednesday: Still Not Sure How To Pronounce “Cao” – Warriors Orochi #4”

  1. There is a very popular Chinese song called Cao Cao by JJ Lin. He says “cao” in the song. Maybe you could listen for the pronunciation haha, but I’m not sure how different the Japanese pronunciation is. Cao Cao was a Chinese warlord though. XD

    The game looks pretty interesting!

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    1. Yeah, “Cao” in this instance is from the Chinese warlords — Cao Cao, Cao Pi, Cao Ren etc. I can never remember if it’s “Chow” or “Tsaow”. I think it’s the latter but my brain always seems to automatically go for the former! At least I’m not saying “Cow Cow”, anyway… which is what the dub actors for the early entries in the Warriors series used to do before anyone actually gave them some direction 🙂


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