Warriors Wednesday: In Case of Emergency, Use Taishi Ci – Warriors Orochi #25

Side note: since starting Dynasty Warriors 8, in which they pronounce everyone’s names quite differently from earlier Warriors games, I have become aware that I am perhaps pronouncing… well, everyone’s name wrong. Tai-shuh-tsuh, indeed.

Anyway. That, hopefully, will not detract too much from your experiences with the ever-expanding series that is Warriors Wednesday. We’re continuing to make it through the Wu campaign of Warriors Orochi at a pretty decent pace — even if a few things do happen to go a little bit wrong this time around!

Hit the jump to see how things went in the latest mission for our brave heroes and overenthusiastic heroines. Hi-yaaa!

In this mission, Sun Ce and his brother Sun Quan clash once again over whether or not they should be following creepy snake boy Orochi. Sun Ce thinks no, Sun Quan… remains unconvinced. Perhaps a bit of a smack in the teeth with sort him out.

Today we take Ina and Kunoichi out for a spin once again, and both seem to be finding their feet a bit more now they’ve got a few levels and weapons to their name. Taishi Ci comes along once again, too, primarily as damage control if things get a bit sketchy. Hard to argue with all that armour and two big sticks, isn’t it?

More about Warriors Orochi

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4 thoughts on “Warriors Wednesday: In Case of Emergency, Use Taishi Ci – Warriors Orochi #25”

    1. From what I understand, it actually used to be, but the Romanisation we have now became standard for some reason. I don’t know the details of how that happened. But it made things much more confusing than they need to be!

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