Gun Gun Pixies

A third-person shooter about tiny alien girls scampering around a girls’ dormitory in an attempt to understand human behaviour.

Developer: Shade
Publisher: PQube
Available on: Nintendo Switch

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Ending Guide

For all endings, you’ll need to start Story mode from the beginning, but if you save after an ending (your save will just say “Story” or “Menu”) you can restart with all your weapon, ammo, costume, lingerie and scope upgrades intact. On subsequent playthroughs you can press L or ZL to fast-forward dialogue sequences.

The few dialogue choices in the game do not affect the ending you get; they are just small variations on the scene in question.

Endings will trigger after the final mission is complete, before the credits. You’ll get a CG of the girl you got the ending for and a unique dialogue sequence with them.

Free Mode missions do not count for Story mode progression. Rank does not matter (except in the case of the 6th ending) and you do not need to acquire all Picoins or Information.

Amayo, Misa, Kira and Minami endings

In order to get the specific endings for each of these girls, you must trigger more optional events for them than anyone else. In order to do this, visit the relevant girl’s room when it is not mission-critical and shoot all their available body parts (usually head, upper body, lower body and, later in the game, butt; check the Scope to see all the available targets) to trigger a dialogue sequence for each. When you complete the game, you’ll get a scene with the girl you saw the most optional events for, unless you fulfilled the requirements for one of the other endings.

Minami’s is probably the trickiest to get as she is not present from the beginning of the game and you have the fewest opportunities to catch her for optional events. Make sure you don’t trigger any Amayo, Misa and/or Kira events prior to her arrival to ensure you get her ending. Also note that Neptune and Noire events in the fourth mission do not count towards any endings.

At some points in the story it is mandatory to shoot a particular girl to progress the mission; these do not count as optional events because… well, they’re not optional!

Eri ending

In mission 5-1, visit Kira and Misa’s room when you get the opportunity. Hop onto the desk and shoot the picture of Kira and Misa until you deplete its health bar for a scene. Once you do this, you’re guaranteed Eri’s ending, regardless of how many optional events you’ve previously triggered.

6th ending

Get a “C” rank on every “Pacification” mission in a complete Story mode runthrough. This is actually surprisingly difficult to do; the best way to achieve this is to take 75% damage (all clothes lost, do not heal at a Sniping Spot) and have less than 40% accuracy. Shoot into empty space for a while before taking on the girl and you should be able to achieve this. Be careful using the rapid-fire guns, as since they fire three shots in a spread it’s actually possible to exceed 100% accuracy if you hit the girl repeatedly with all three bullets!

If you fail to get a “C” rank on one of these missions, make sure you do not save so you can try again without having to start over!

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