Warriors Wednesday: The Sword That Hits Eight Times – Warriors Orochi #5

It’s time for another romp in Orochi’s less-than-fair lands as Nobunaga and his samurai friends hack and slash their way to another victory.

I, uh, made a small mistake with recording this one in that I accidentally deleted my whole commentary while I was cleaning up my videos folder, so I ended up having to record a new commentary “after the fact”, as it were. I don’t think it came out too badly.

Hit the jump for the new video.

My original intention for this session was to experiment with some of the other characters I’ve been unlocking over the course of the last few missions. Unfortunately, it transpired they were all a bit underpowered, so I found myself relying heavily on Akechi once again, whose combination of weapon, proficiency and level means he now has a pretty unstoppable combo as well as an excellent special move.

The mission we took on today, the third of the Samurai campaign’s main story, concluded with a whole bunch of new characters getting unlocked, so perhaps next time I’ll make a bit more effort to level them up a bit and take them into battle more enthusiastically.

In the meantime… know your place.

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