Pokémon Sword and Shield

First of the eighth-generation Pokémon games, and the first “full” installment in the series to be specifically designed for home consoles. Visit the Britain-inspired Galar region and take on the Gym Challenge while learning the legend behind The Darkest Day.

Developer: Game Freak
Publisher: Nintendo, The Pokémon Company
Available on: Nintendo Switch

Cover Game Articles

Pokémon Sword and Shield: Introduction and History - Pokémon is one of the longest-running, most successful media franchises in history. Where did it come from, where has it been and where is it going?
Pokémon Sword and Shield: A Grand Tour of Galar - Pokémon Sword and Shield's Galar region is supposedly based on Britain. A Brit evaluates whether or not Game Freak did a good job in this regard!
Pokémon Sword and Shield: Living a Trainer’s Life - Exploring Pokémon Sword and Shield's mechanical aspects, ranging from exploration to battle and developing your relationships with your beloved 'mon!
Pokémon Sword and Shield: The People of Galar - Pokémon is not just about the eponymous monsters... it's also about the many and varied people who live in the various regions of its world, too. Let's take a closer look at those who call Galar home.

Other Articles about Pokémon Sword and Shield

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Waifu Wednesday: Sword and Shield’s Pokégirls - With Pokémon Sword and Shield next on the agenda for some in-depth exploration here on MoeGamer, I thought we might as well kick things off with a look at some of the delightful ladies you’ll run into in Galar. Interestingly, Sword and Shield have a few instances throughout the game where the specific gym trainers you encounter vary between … Continue reading Waifu Wednesday: Sword and Shield’s Pokégirls


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