Warriors Wednesday: Wu Warriors vs Orochi – Warriors Orochi #29

It’s that time again… time to face down Crazy Snake Guy and decide the fate of ancient China and/or Samurai-era Japan once and for all.

Yes, our playthrough of the Wu campaign in Warriors Orochi has finally reached the final mission (aside from the last side mission, which we’ll take on next week) and thus, there’s just one thing left to do, having reunited the Sun family beneath the banner of the tiger…

Hit the jump to see how the Sun bros (and sis… err, and dad) got on with this one last challenge…

I note in this episode that I’m quite pleased Warriors Orochi is still putting up a bit of a fight, despite us having obtained a decent number of those very helpful passive Abilities by this point. Although Sun Ce is very good at putting out damage thanks to the combination of these Abilities and his upgraded weapon, for example, he still takes a good ol’ beating whenever Orochi decides to bust out his Big Boomy AoE Attack of Death.

Still, final bosses are supposed to be challenging, aren’t they — even though they sometimes aren’t, particularly in non-linear games — so I shouldn’t be too mad at Orochi for wanting to present me with a bit of a challenge. That does not, however, prevent me from being mad at Orochi for presenting me with just slightly too much of a challenge to be entirely comfortable at one disappointingly key moment in proceedings…

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