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Welcome to MoeGamer!

This is a site about the love of gaming old and new, with a particular (though by no means exclusive) focus on underappreciated and overlooked titles of Japanese or Japanese-inspired origin, visual novels and retro games. It also features occasional articles on broader aspects of Japanese and Asian popular media such as anime and manga.

It is Pete Davison’s passion project that began as a continuation of his well-received work about Japanese games on Gamer Network’s USgamer, and has since blossomed into its own unique destination on the Web.

PLEASE NOTE: At the time of writing, MoeGamer is operating on a reduced (non-daily) schedule as Pete is running Rice Digital for the day job. Stop by there for his daily writing, and check back here each week for some big features and videos.

It is a one-man non-commercial operation with minimal advertising, funded through a combination of the author’s own funds and generous contributions via Ko-Fi, PayPal and Patreon. If you enjoy what you see here, please support the site. Running a site like this, even on a reduced schedule, is not free, sadly, so any support you can offer to keep the information here up and running for everyone to enjoy is always extremely gratefully received!

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See the FAQ for more details, or find out more about Pete.

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The best of overlooked and underappreciated computer and video games, from yesterday and today

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