Warriors Wednesday: Cavalry’s ‘Ere, Luv – Warriors Orochi #9

Yes, it’s that time again, and today it’s Lu Xun’s time to shine, having been left somewhat on the sidelines for the last couple of missions.

Today the Samurai Warriors and friends take on the Battle of Nagashino and attempt to obtain some cavalry support while assaulting an Orochi stronghold.

Unfortunately said cavalry doesn’t appear to understand the concept of “strength in numbers”…

Today I decided that Lu Xun was going to get a bit of time in the spotlight. I’ve said that several times before, I know, and then always ended up using Xiao Qiao or Mitsuhide Akechi for the whole mission — The Sword That Hits Eight Times calls to me — but today I actually did it. And what do you know, he’s actually not bad at all.

Today’s mission is an excellent example of how the tide of battle can turn pretty quickly in a Warriors mission. At the start of the encounter, it looks like your forces are at a distinct disadvantage. But take the time to set things up just right and things can go a whole lot better very quickly…

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