Warriors Wednesday: Samurai Warriors vs Orochi – Warriors Orochi #14

We’ve made it! The final battle… for this campaign, anyway.

Yes, today we reach the climactic final showdown of the Samurai campaign in Warriors Orochi and face the snake god himself in single combat.

Well, okay, we bring along all our friends and pound on him so much he can’t fight back. Even the great warriors of history weren’t above using schoolyard tactics.

This mission is pretty tough, even with a decently levelled team and a solid lineup of abilities. There are lots of officers to face, several of which are non-generic, named officers who hit hard. There’s also stuff happening on two fronts at once: Shingen Takeda heading down the eastern side to deliberately get “ambushed” and draw the enemy out, and Kenshin Uesugi proceeding down the western side to deal with some pesky cannons.

The main challenge is Orochi himself, who has a really horrible area-effect move that inflicts significant damage — about half a health bar’s worth at the level my characters are right now! Fortunately, this is easy enough to interrupt if you hit him or knock him down at the right time, but by golly if it doesn’t make things a bit tense… particularly as you have to take care of not just yourself, but Nobunaga as well…

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