Warriors Wednesday: I’m On a Boat – Warriors Orochi #30

Well, okay, there was one more challenge left to undertake with the Wu forces… just like with the Samurai forces, Orochi needs a second kicking just to make sure he stays down for good!

This time around, the stage for the battle is a take on the Battle of Chi Bi, a Dynasty Warriors classic that sees both sides battling across a flotilla of warships, with a bit of fire to keep things interesting.

Gives a whole new meaning to “tiger, tiger, burning bright,” huh?

For the curious, I mention this in the video, but to unlock this last side mission for Wu, you need to complete chapter 7 having rescued Sun Jian within three minutes or less. Equip as much Impulse as you can to increase your speed, take your most powerful character, play on Easy and make a beeline for daddy dearest’s location in the south-west corner.

Keep fighting until you get a mid-battle cutscene; pause the game and check the timer at this point. If less than three minutes have elapsed, you’re good — go on and finish the mission to unlock chapter 8-X and get some slightly different post-battle dialogue.

If you need some ways to save time aside from “kill things more quickly”, note that in certain situations, gates won’t open or events won’t trigger until all the queued dialogue has been cleared. When this happens, pause the game while the speech is happening to allow it to clear without the timer elapsing. Unpause to trigger the next line, then pause again. Repeat until complete. Exploits!

Next time, we’ll be making a start on the Shu campaign.

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