Warriors Wednesday: Ina Bit of a Pickle – Warriors Orochi #24

Things are heating up!

After a few missions where things have gone mostly smoothly for the Wu boys and girls (and friends) it seems we’re starting to encounter a little bit more in the way of resistance… even with all those lovely Abilities unlocked!

Well, desperate times call for desperate measures… so now seems like an ideal time to start levelling yet another character from 1, right? Come on down, Ina…

In Chapter 5-X, Sun Ce and friends embark on a rescue mission: Sun Ce’s wife Da Qiao is under attack from big boy Dong Zhuo, and only Wu and Company can save the day.

Taishi Ci once again proves his worth with some formidable attacks that cover a hefty range, while Kunoichi very much starts coming into her own. Ina, meanwhile… well, she’s fun, but she’s going to need some levels and weapons before she’s a viable fighter for this stage in the overall campaign!

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