Warriors Wednesday: Worst Sneak Attack Ever – Warriors Orochi #17

Wu, Wu! That’s the sound of the pain train coming your way, Orochi… just, uh, not just yet.

Sun Ce and friends continue being forced into an uneasy alliance with Captain Snakeypants as people important to them are held hostage. Sun Ce has little choice but to go along with Orochi’s scheming until he and his companions have a suitable opportunity to take matters into their own hands.

That means a whole lot of fighting former friends… as well as fending off possibly the least subtle “sneak attack” in all of history. Hit the jump to see how the battle went.

After fighting off Ranmaru Mori last time around, this time we add the genderbending wonderchild to our team and have a lot of fun hacking and slashing with that enormous sword.

These early battles in the Wu campaign raise an interesting point that comes up a few times in various Warriors games: the fact that some of the generals involved aren’t just fighting for their “duty” or for survival — some are fighting because they love the thrill of battle. And this isn’t presented as them being “wrong”; if anything, since we’re playing a Warriors game, we’re right there with them, enjoying these large-scale conflicts and getting involved with them because they’re fun, rather than because we need to.

It’s going to be interesting to see how the Wu campaign unfolds. I have a feeling it’s going to be very satisfying to take Orochi down this time around…

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