Warriors Wednesday: When You Get Around Like I Do, You Pick Up a Thing or Two – Warriors Orochi #19

Sakon Shima has been something of a fixture in the Samurai Warriors series since the second installment.

Typically depicted as a cunning strategist and a powerful warrior in his own right, the real Sakon Shima was an extremely well-regarded and famous samurai. After his original master Junkei Tsutsui met his end, he retired, but after being offered an extraordinarily generous amount of wealth, he decided to return to the fray to serve under Mitsunari Ishida. If someone offers you half of their income to bring you on board, you don’t argue!

Of course, most of this is irrelevant in Warriors Orochi, but Shima still has a significant role to play from the perspective of his formidable strategic skills. Hit the jump to see how he helped out this time around!

Sakon Shima’s portrayal as a formidable strategist in the Warriors games typically means that he is involved in some of the most significant events that occur during battle. And indeed in the case of this mission, in which Sun Ce and friends are assaulting an enemy stronghold, it is Sakon Shima who demonstrates his knowledge and power when he makes use of the apparently unprecedented tactic of simply blowing a dirty great hole in the enemy’s walls.

In this video, I also continue to misgender Ranmaru Mori, because I recorded this before I wrote the article on him, so, uh, apologies for the disrespect, I guess. But come on, he’s voiced by Tara Platt, one of the sexiest voices in gaming today, so can you really blame me?

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