Warriors Wednesday: The Solid Whack You Can Deliver with Wood – Warriors Orochi #12

Things are getting noticeably more difficult as we approach the conclusion of the Samurai campaign in Warriors Orochi.

Today’s mission sees our intrepid heroes facing off against a selection of powerful foes, including “wild man” Keiji Maeda, who threatens to break Xiao Qiao in half (“but who will put me back together again?!”). But help is at hand in the form of “God of War” Kenshin Uesugi and his longstanding rival, Shingen Takeda’s formidable moustache. And the warrior attached to it, I guess.

How do things go? Hmm… take a look.

Once again, Mitsuhide Akechi proves his inestimable value to any lineup with his unlimited special attack — this time the initial ranged “energy blast” he does before his now-iconic (to me, anyway) “Know Your Place” leap into the fray. The bad guys hit hard in this scenario, however, leading me to ponder if some off-camera grinding might not be the worst idea in the world…

As it happens, I did elect to spend a bit of time playing the game off-camera after recording this installment, but not to grind for levels — I was after Team Abilities, as I described in yesterday’s Delving Into Musou piece. We’ll see how much of a difference they make in next week’s installment!

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