Warriors Wednesday: Mistakes Were Made – Warriors Orochi #11

Ahhh… I knew it wouldn’t last.

After last week’s joyful celebrations of clearing a mission first time… today we more than make up for that good performance with a series of unfortunate and crushing defeats.

But still, as long as we learn from our mistakes, it’s okay to mess up once or twice, right…?

Today’s mission in Warriors Orochi introduced something I didn’t know existed in the Warriors series as a whole: indoor sections! Okay, the indoor section in this mission serves no purpose whatsoever other than to be in the way as you attempt to move between the two initial encounters, but it’s still cool to see such a thing implemented in a game typically associated with large-scale outdoor conflict.

In fact, one of the nice things I’ve been appreciating about Warriors Orochi as I’ve been playing through it is the variety in the map design. Each stage feels very different to the last, and the way each battle spreads around the map keeps things interesting, despite the core hack and slash mechanics remaining the same.

And… well, I had plenty of time to get to know this particular map today.

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4 thoughts on “Warriors Wednesday: Mistakes Were Made – Warriors Orochi #11”

  1. I may be wrong in this, but I believe indoor sections were originally introduced in the first Samurai Warriors. It was a rather big deal at the time. There were “escape from the besieged, burning palace” stages, etc.

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