Warriors Wednesday: Some People Are Into Weird Feet – Warriors Orochi #27

You know who you are.

In today’s episode of Warriors Wednesday, I finally catch up with my other video series technology- (and confidence)-wise and show my face! How exciting.

Anyway, now we have The Wild Man on our side, let’s take him for a spin, shall we? BWAHAHAHAHA!

Today’s mission is something of a culmination for the Wu campaign: we finally actually get to rescue Sun Jian and Sun Quan once and for all. Although given that they look and sound entirely different to the Dynasty Warriors 8 Xtreme Legends Definitive Edition incarnations I’ve come to love so much… am I really rescuing Sun Jian and Sun Quan, or some disgraceful impostors?

Well, either way, it doesn’t matter. After a bit of a false start (thanks, Sun Quan), we hit our stride with Keiji Maeda, unlock another level of Potence and give Da Ji the pounding she so desperately deserves. Even with her weird demon feet.

Only a few more missions to go for Wu now!

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