The Expression: Amrilato

Originally known as Kotonoha Amrilato, this ambitious visual novel aims to teach the reader the basics of Esperanto while allowing them to enjoy a thoroughly wholesome yuri narrative.

Developer: SukeraSparo
Publisher: MangaGamer
Available on: Windows PC

Cover Game Articles

The Expression: Amrilato – Introduction - The Expression: Amrilato is marketed as a game that will teach you all about Esperanto. But what is Esperanto and why might learning it be useful? Time to investigate!
The Expression: Amrilato – Suddenly Voiceless - The Expression: Amrilato's unique selling point is the fact that it can legitimately teach you how to use the language Esperanto. How does it go about this -- and perhaps more importantly for a visual novel, how does it integrate this into the narrative?
The Expression: Amrilato – Nova Vivo de Rin - The Expression: Amrilato's protagonist Rin undergoes a somewhat more turbulent adolescence than most of us thanks to her surprising ordeal... but she comes to learn a great many things about herself in the process.
The Expression: Amrilato – Konversacio kun SukeraSparo - A chat with J-MENT from SukeraSparo, writer and developer of The Expression: Amrilato. We discuss where the concept for the game came from, how it incorporates advice from real-life professional bodies and how it makes the familiar more scary than the complete unknown.

Other Articles about The Expression: Amrilato

Steam’s Inconsistency is Hurting Visual Novels – How We Can Help - Update: 05/08/2020 Steam has reinstated Bokuten after investigation confirmed the issue with the missed (and inaccessible) CGs mentioned below. This article remains relevant, however, because Steam’s treatment of MangaGamer in this incident was totally unacceptable. Original article follows. Steam is the largest, most well-established PC gaming platform out there. For many gamers, “PC gaming” and … Continue reading Steam’s Inconsistency is Hurting Visual Novels – How We Can Help
Waifu Wednesday: Rin Takato - Before we leave The Expression: Amrilato behind, I wanted to show a particular bit of appreciation for its protagonist Rin. Rin is the player’s eyes and ears over the course of the narrative, and as the game progresses you develop something of a mutually beneficial relationship with her as a player; she, more often than … Continue reading Waifu Wednesday: Rin Takato
Educational Esperanto Visual Novel Struggles with Valve’s Amorphous Content Policies - [UPDATE 22/06/2019: The Expression: Amrilato is now available on Steam! See this blog post by MangaGamer for further details. I’m leaving this story up, as the discussion points it raised remain pertinent.] I don’t normally cover “news” here on MoeGamer, but this is something I think it’s important to talk about right now. Prolific publisher … Continue reading Educational Esperanto Visual Novel Struggles with Valve’s Amorphous Content Policies


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