Warriors Wednesday: Know Your Place – Warriors Orochi #2

The battles continue in Warriors Orochi as Nobunaga and friends attempt to rescue some peasants from a fate worse than death. Or just, you know, death.

I’ve been having a real blast with Warriors Orochi so far, and I’m really looking forward to seeing how the series develops over time. The prospect of the upcoming Warriors Orochi 4 incorporating elements of Greek mythology is tremendously exciting to me, but I’m having fun with the Chinese and Japanese heroes in the meantime.

Hit the jump for the new video.

In this episode, I forget everyone’s names except Nobunaga (say hello to “Spear Guy” and “Final Fantasy villain”) but make a bit more progress in figuring out the game’s mechanics, particularly the “special move” system.

In Warriors Orochi, characters are one of three different types: Tech, Speed or Power. Each of these types of character have their own unique abilities — Tech characters can substitute the Charge attack that concludes a combo with their Special button for a more powerful move; Speed characters can air-dash and use combo Special attacks; and Power characters do exactly what you expect them to do, along with enjoying hyper armour while flailing wildly at their foes.

The battle in this episode is one of the “side missions” from the Samurai campaign in the game. Next time we’ll continue the main story at Nobunaga and company take on the fearsome (and hot) foe that is Da Ji!

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