Absolutely bonkers comedic visual novel featuring a distinctly Japanese look at Internet memes, fizzy pop and sexy shenanigans between a group of very close friends.

Developer: White Powder
Publisher: Love Lab
Available on: PC

Free 18+ patch available here!

Cover Game Articles

LAMUNATION!: Introduction - We kick off our exploration of LAMUNATION! by chatting with Meru and Blick from localiser-publisher Love Lab, and attempting to figure out what makes this unusual game special.
LAMUNATION!: Welcome to Youkoso Saint Aria - Exploring the core concept and themes of LAMUNATION!, along with a look at Lamune's route through the narrative.
LAMUNATION!: Sisters Are Doing It For Themselves - Cola, incest and rising property prices in Iris and Rayla's route through LAMUNATION! Come enjoy the chill vibe at the Cherry Crown Diner... just watch out for Dubstep Iris.
LAMUNATION!: Keeping It In The Family - This article is one chapter of a multi-part Cover Game feature! << First | < Previous Well, it’s been quite a journey so far, hasn’t it? Between Lamune’s dramatic reversal of fortunes and Iris and Rayla’s somewhat open, fluid views on sexuality, one certainly cannot call White Powder’s visual novel LAMUNATION! “boring”. You haven’t seen … Continue reading LAMUNATION!: Keeping It In The Family

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