Warriors Wednesday: Pursued By Lu Bu – Warriors Orochi #7

Talk to any Warriors veteran, and one piece of advice will almost certainly be a constant: “do not pursue Lu Bu”.

However, what a lot of people fail to mention is that you should also do your very best to not be pursued by Lu Bu, either, because that is a sure-fire means of finding your insides unexpectedly on the outside.

Today’s adventure in Warriors Orochi is a painful lesson in this particular concept.

In this episode, Xiao Qiao, Lu Xun and Mitsuhide Akechi decide to take on the mighty forces of Dong Zhuo, who, like the fat greedy bastard he is, is impatiently awaiting some deliveries of gold. Quite what he’s going to do with said gold while trapped in another dimension for the twisted and perverted pleasure of Orochi is anyone’s guess, but still. That’s the setup.

Who would have thought the mighty Lu Bu would be on guard duty for one of these shipments? One would think such an assignment beneath one of the most feared warriors in China, but apparently need must when you are trapped in aforementioned other dimension.

Chaos, as you may expect, ensues.

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