Warriors Wednesday: I’m Nobunaga, Bitch – Warriors Orochi #1

Last month’s feature on Hyrule Warriors got me thoroughly re-enamoured with the Warriors series as a whole, so I figured why not spend some time playing through some installments I’ve never tried before?

One subseries I’ve always been particularly curious about is Warriors Orochi, an ambitious, fantastic crossover affair which initially brought together the casts of Dynasty Warriors and Samurai Warriors before, in later installments, diversifying in all sorts of strange directions.

Hit the jump to see my first experiences with the Xbox 360 version of the first game in this peculiar series!

In this first episode, I tackle the first battle in the Samurai scenario, which places Oda Nobunaga and his two valiant companions right in the thick of things after demon king Orochi sucks significant chunks of Japan and China into another dimension.

I fuck up aforementioned first battle twice before actually getting it right, and learn a bit about how Warriors Orochi differs from other Warriors games — particularly Hyrule Warriors — in the process. For those who enjoy interesting progression systems and plenty of mechanical variety, Warriors Orochi is definitely worth spending a bit of time with. Even more so if you’ve wanted to see Oda Nobunaga fighting with a lightsaber accompanied by music that sounds like it belongs in a shoot ’em up.

My intention is for this to run every Wednesday until I get tired of it, so stay tuned for more in the coming weeks! Waifu Wednesday will, of course, remain unaffected, rest assured.

More about Warriors Orochi

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