Warriors Wednesday: How The Wild Man Does It – Warriors Orochi #26

How DOES The Wild Man do it? Find out in today’s thrilling installment of Warriors Wednesday, as the Wu forces attempt to prove themselves to Keiji Maeda.

If you were looking forward to seeing my smiling face again on this video, apologies to disappoint; I recorded this before I got the new gear necessary to display my smiling face on videos. If, on the other hand, you were disgusted and repulsed by my fearful countenance in Sunday’s Split/Second video, consider this momentary relief.

Hit the jump to see how today’s battle went.

This is another one of those stages in Warriors Orochi that has a couple of “layers” of completion: you can simply survive the stage in order to clear it, or you can take the riskier approach and attempt to clear some optional objectives in order to unlock something special. In this instance, clearing the optional objectives unlocks The Wild Man himself as a playable character.

I did not achieve the conditions necessary in this particular playthrough of this stage, but subsequently did it “off-camera”. If you’re curious, you need to bang the drum every time you’re told to, then escort each of the reinforcements who show up to one of the gates of Keiji Maeda’s stronghold at the far end of the map. And you need to do all this within 20 minutes; as soon as the time remaining gets to 10 minutes or less, The Wild Man gets bored waiting for you and comes out to kick your bottom anyway, but no unlocks for you under those circumstances!

It’s a fun — if frustrating — challenge. If you find yourself struggling with it, don’t be too proud to either drop the difficulty or come back after powering up a bit with abilities, weapons and levels!

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