Warriors Wednesday: So Many Dongs – Warriors Orochi #6

It’s Warriors Wednesday time again, as Nobunaga Oda and the Samurai Warriors forces continue to fight back against Orochi and his army.

Today we take on the fourth main story mission of the Samurai Warriors campaign, and bust out some new characters, including Okuni and Xiao Qiao.

Hit the jump for the new video.

I had fun with the new characters today. I’m not 100% convinced I like playing as Okuni, as her parasol weapon seems to be a bit difficult to handle, but I can definitely see she has potential. She thus joins the ranks of “parasol wielders who are tricky to use effectively”, a roster that by my reckoning (and in my experience to date) includes herself, Yagyuu from Senran Kagura and Peach in Smash Bros.

Xiao Qiao proved to be a lot of fun, though. She’s the kind of character I like in a lot of ways — she’s sassy and silly, she’s quick to move and attack, and she has the ability to absolutely wreck shit while leaping around, much like my team’s mainstay Akechi does. I’ve been making a conscious effort to only use Akechi in emergencies now, though, as he’s a good ten levels ahead of everyone else; it’s about time some of the other combatants had the chance to shine!

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