Warriors Wednesday: Samurai Warriors vs Orochi 2 – Electric Lu Bu-Galoo – Warriors Orochi #15

Did you think we were done with the adventures of the Samurai Warriors? Well, nope, we weren’t quite finished…

Today we tackle the final side mission of the Samurai campaign in Warriors Orochi, which culminates in another tough battle against King Snek himself.

Who will prevail? I mean, you know it’s me eventually, but hit the jump anyway and see how this final final battle actually went…

Unlocking the final side mission in each Warriors Orochi campaign is a matter of accomplishing a specific objective on another level. It seems to usually involve a task you have to actually go out of your way to complete, rather than something you might achieve accidentally while just playing the game.

In the case of the Samurai campaign, you have to get 1,000 KOs on the seventh story mission, the Battle of Wu Zhang Plains. This might not sound all that difficult, but if you race through the battle too quickly there simply won’t be enough people on the map to reach this KO count! Instead, you have to hang out by an area that enemies continually spawn from and concentrate on knocking them down while the AI generals take care of themselves.

It may be a grindy and long-winded process, but I kind of miss the ability to unlock “secret” levels in games like this. And not a bit of DLC in sight. Lovely.

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