New Game Plus: Time On Our Hands – Atelier Rorona DX #4

Whew! Even with the chaotic week I’ve had (including a brief period of complete computer failure last weekend) I managed to get all my usual videos out on time. Go me.

As always (well, usually, anyway), Friday plays host to New Game Plus, our weekly exploration of post-game content and New Game Plus modes. Currently, we’re doing a second playthrough of Atelier Rorona DX, part of the Atelier Arland trilogy we’ve recently explored here on MoeGamer.

Hit the jump to find out how today’s alchemical efforts went!

Last time around, you may recall that we rammed through the second assignment in roughly eight minutes, giving us a whole bunch of time left over to play with. Today, we attempt to make good use of that remaining month or so before taking a sneak peek at the next challenge Rorona has ahead of her.

I’m really enjoying this playthrough, even with — or perhaps because of — how utterly “broken” (in a good way!) playing a game like this on New Game Plus is. The powerful equipment I finished my first playthrough with is allowing Rorona and her allies to gain considerably more levels than they would have done first time around, simply because these early fights aren’t as exhausting as they once were. And that, in turn, is helping me get considerably ahead of schedule, providing much more free time to grind up alchemy experience, gather ingredients and make items that would have been impractical to tackle within the time constraints of an initial playthrough.

I’m aiming — though not promising — to get as many of the events as possible in this playthrough, which should hopefully allow us to pick from a fine selection of endings when we finally reach the finale. It’s going pretty well so far, but it remains to be seen whether we’ll be able to stay this far ahead of the curve as the game progresses!

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