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New Game Plus: I Got Holes in M’Ghost List

Today we continue with Project Zero’s postgame… and I find myself afflicted with a curse through my own silly fault.

Today we continue on with the first chapter of our Nightmare mode replay, attempting to keep an eye out for as many missing ghosts from the Ghost List as possible.

Unfortunately, it seems, fate had other plans for me. Hit the jump to see what went on.

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New Game Plus: The Definition of Insanity

That ol’ reliable quote about the definition of insanity being something along the lines of “doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results” is apparently widely attributed to Albert Einstein (and Far Cry 3), but it seems Einstein probably didn’t actually say it.

It’s a good quote, though, and particularly applicable to situations like that which you are about to witness in Himuro Mansion, courtesy of my continuing adventures through Project Zero’s postgame.

Hit the jump and see precisely what I’m talking about… ROPES!

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New Game Plus: Kirie Eleison

Load up your film, kiddies, we’re going for another photography field trip.

This time around, we take on the last tier of Project Zero’s Mission Mode, featuring battles against multiple ghosts at once and a rematch against the game’s final boss, Kirie.

There are some great rewards on offer, but there are also some stiff challenges in our way… hit the jump to see how I got on!

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New Game Plus: Don’t Call Him “Daddy”

Today we continue to test my point-and-shoot skills as we crack on with Project Zero’s postgame.

Having cleared ten of the challenges in Mission Mode, things are starting to get a whole lot more difficult now… and we have a destined encounter with the Himuro Family Master to look forward to.

Will I survive an encounter with the Headless Priest? How does Blinded seem to be able to pinpoint my location so accurately without eyes? Will I ever get anything better than a “C” rank? Hit the jump to find out the answers to all these pressing questions and more…

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New Game Plus: That One Perfect Shot

Do you beat games? I do.

Speaking to a lot of game-playing friends in person and online, it transpired that relatively few people I know seem to start a game and see it through to completion in the same way as I do — either playing a bit and then endlessly starting again to try different character builds or starting conditions, or simply hopping from new game to new game as they’re released without ever really getting anywhere in any of them.

One of the things you miss out on if you don’t beat games is the fact that many of them have plenty more stuff to do after you see the credits roll for the first time. So, well, I figured given that my YouTube channel is settling into a nice rhythm with its Atari A to Z, Warriors Wednesday and Sunday Driving videos… why don’t we take the time to explore that aspect of gaming specifically?

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From the Archives: Let’s Go Round Again

What do you think of lengthy games such as JRPGs (or indeed Western RPGs) having multiple endings?

I remember having this discussion with a friend a while back, and he commented that he hated it when there was more than one possible outcome to the story, because he 1) hated having to repeat things and 2) hated feeling like he was “missing out” on part of the game that was “locked off” to him when he started down a particular route.

Obviously this applies more to games where your actions throughout the whole story determine which ending you get rather than a Mass Effect 3-style “which ending would you like?” decision point, but it’s a valid concern that I completely understand in this day and age. Gamers on the whole are getting older and consequently tend to have less time on their hands for lengthy games anyway – so to expect them to play through one game several times in an attempt to see different endings is perhaps unrealistic on the part of developers.

This article was originally published on Games Are Evil in 2013 as part of the site’s regular Swords and Zippers column on JRPGs. It has been edited and republished here due to Games Are Evil no longer existing in its original form.

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