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Atari A to Z: Q*Bert

What does Q*Bert say when he loses a life? That’s a question that’s plagued gamers for many years now… and part of the fun is that everyone’s answer will probably be a little different.

Q*Bert originated in the arcades, but it had a number of ports to 8-bit computer platforms — some better than others. The Atari 8-bit version by Parker Brothers actually ended up being pretty true to the arcade original — albeit lacking a couple of features to squeeze the experience into the limited space a ROM cartridge provided.

It may take a bit of getting used to if you’re not used to isometric controls, but once you get that part nailed there are many hours of addictive fun to be had with Q*Bert and his friends.

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Christmas is once again creeping up on us, but thankfully thanks to the magic of online shopping, I’m already done with buying presents.

That, of course, means plenty of time for enjoying a variety of wonderful games, and celebrating many of the delightful experiences I’ve had over the last year. That is the thinking behind The MoeGamer 2019 Awardsthe third year in which I’ve thought up a variety of “alternative awards” (in collaboration with the community) to celebrate the things I’ve played and/or covered in the last year.

And, because I wanted to both play it and write about it, we’re interspersing the awards with a look at Pokémon Sword and Shield. Lots to be getting on with, so let’s check out what you might have missed this week.

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The MoeGamer 2019 Awards: The Atari Anime Award

The MoeGamer Awards are a series of “alternative” awards I’ve devised in collaboration with the community to celebrate the sorts of things that never get celebrated in end-of-year roundups! Find out more here — and feel free to leave a suggestion on that post if you have any good ideas!

This year’s first award is exactly the sort of peculiar thing I was after, courtesy of regular and longstanding reader Viscera/@Zwifu.

Viscera wants to know the Atari game I want to be remade with cute anime girls the most. Preferably something that has been covered in one of my Atari A to Z videos.

That’s a hell of a category to start with! I’m going to have to think hard about this one…

And the winner is…

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Atari A to Z Flashback: Black Jack

I’ve never been especially good at gambling. Largely because I don’t do it a lot.

Experimenting with simulated gambling doesn’t fill me with a ton of confidence, you see, because games like this are an excellent way to see that, inevitably, if you keep going you’ll end up with nothing more often than not.

Here’s Black Jack, a launch title for the Atari 2600, and a game which Video Magazine gave a perfect 10 out of 10 rating in 1979.

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Atari A to Z: Orc Attack

Orcs used to be a popular, even clichéd, fantasy foe to encounter in both video and tabletop games, but I feel like their prevalence has declined somewhat over the years — perhaps in a concerted effort for modern fantasy to move away from Tolkien.

Fear not, though, because this 1983 release from Thorn EMI Video has absolutely hundreds of the little buggers just waiting to make your life an absolute misery — climbing up ladders, shooting arrows directly into your eye, chipping away at your wall and pulling your head clean off. What’s a humble guard to do?

Fight back, of course! Preferably by hurling heavy objects and boiling oil, but as a last resort there’s always the option of a bit of slicing and dicing…

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Hello everyone! It’s nearly the end of November; hard to imagine that we’re nearly in to a new decade already, isn’t it?

Still, keep tackling things one week at a time and we’ll get there eventually. As much as it feels like we might not want to sometimes. Remember, as bleak and shitty as the world might be, there are always video games, anime, manga, music and all manner of other wonderful forms of art and creative expression to escape into when it all gets a bit much.

And if you’re in the mood for a bit of escapism right now, why not delve into what you might have missed in the last week or so? Let’s take a look.

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Atari A to Z Flashback: Basketball

Sports games have always been a staple of video gaming. In fact, in the earliest days of the medium, they were a good source of basic rules and mechanics for designers to rely on.

Basketball for Atari 2600 was a noteworthy example of one of these early sports games for being an early title that didn’t require two human players. In fact, the single-player mode even claimed to offer an adaptive difficulty of sorts, with the computer player supposedly playing “better” if the scores were closer.

In practice, this mostly equates to the computer player running the wrong direction if he’s winning too much, but it was 1978… give them a bit of credit!

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