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Good evening everyone! I have some exciting news that you may not know if you didn’t see on Twitter: I’m now the site editor of Rice Digital, which you can find at https://ricedigital.co.uk.

This is an actual proper day job that I’m getting paid for, so you’ll be seeing plenty of my stuff over there in the daytime — be sure to follow for the latest updates! MoeGamer won’t be going anywhere, though; the focus of both Rice and MoeGamer is quite different despite the overlapping subject matter, so you’ll still see stuff in both places. I have that Atelier MegaFeature to finish, after all!

In simple terms, you’ll likely see more “current” stuff on Rice, while MoeGamer will continue to deep-dive into stuff that’s been around for a while. Between the two, you should find everything you’d ever want to know about RPGs, visual novels, retro games and everything in between. So let’s take a look at what you might have missed this week!

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Happy New Year! (2021 Edition)

Happy new year to you all! What a year it was, too, eh? Hopefully you all had some sort of opportunity to let your hair down a bit last night — while staying safe (in every sense of the word) of course.

I stayed in and played original Xbox games while my wife played Jackbox Party Pack with some friends she hasn’t had the opportunity to speak to, let alone see, for a very long time now. We also had a Chinese takeaway, much like last year. I am 100% fine with these arrangements.

I’m not going to spend too long talking about stuff today, but I do want to outline a few things I have planned for the year coming up. Hit the jump to find out more!

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A Very Merry Christmas! 2020 Edition EX Plus Alpha

Hello everyone, and a very merry Christmas to you all, unless you celebrate something else around this time of year, in which case happy whatever that is.

2020 has been a big challenge for everyone, so I hope over this most festive of holidays you’re able to take a step back from the chaos in the world and have a day or two of pure relaxation and enjoyment — preferably with family and/or loved ones if you’re in a part of the world where that is something you’re allowed to do!

This week’s posting schedule is a bit wonky due to holidays and the like, but you can expect the next episode of the Atelier MegaFeature tomorrow! In the meantime, let’s do the obligatory Christmas Roundup Post! Join me after the jump for some festive funtimes.

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Happy Sunday everyone, and I hope you’re all doing well today. It’s been a relatively uneventful week here at MoeGamer Towers, though I am very pleased to welcome two new Patrons to the fold. If you want to join them and be super-awesome, check out my Patreon page.

Some of you may have noticed a few ads appearing here and there on MoeGamer. This is something I’ve wanted to avoid doing for as long as possible, but I’m at a point where certain things on the site do such good daily traffic it seems silly not to be able to get a bit of income from it. With that in mind, I’m running a short experiment to see exactly how much I could stand to earn from a bit of advertising on the site. Said ad income will, of course, be invested directly back into the site — and if the ads prove to be obtrusive or annoying, I’ll switch them off. Please also let me know if you see anything inappropriate!

Thank you for your understanding on that — though I must say when I raised this on Twitter the other day, everyone was surprisingly positive about it anyway, so perhaps I was overthinking things! Anyway, suffice to say nothing will change about what I do here; this will remain a strictly clickbait- and hatebait-free zone — it’s just now I might be able to cover a few expenses a little easier! We’ll see. Anyway, enough of that, let’s get on with looking at what you might have missed in the last week!

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Good morning everyone! I have a podcast to edit, but I thought I’d get this done before I spend all day editing and end up too exhausted to write anything coherent at 11pm. So here we are!

It’s been a pretty eventful week for world events, huh? And I suspect the chaos isn’t quite over as yet, but at least things are moving along in one way or another. I’d like to remind everyone that you’re all welcome here if you want a break from the barrage of noise that is the rest of the Internet; I’m just here to talk about good ol’ video games, so come hang out and chat about what I’ve been writing about this week!

And on that note, let’s check out exactly what I have been writing about this week; hit the jump to explore what you might have missed.

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Good evening everyone! I’ve just finished editing a monster episode of The MoeGamer Podcast, which should be with you tomorrow assuming my computer doesn’t explode overnight while rendering or anything.

I joke, but on more than one occasion I have come downstairs of a morning to discover my computer had forgotten what these mysterious things called “hard drives” or “Microsoft Windows” were, so I probably shouldn’t tempt fate. Anyway, all being well, there will be a podcast for your eyes and ears to enjoy tomorrow.

In the meantime, let’s look back at what you might have missed this week.

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I’m Not Okay: Speaking Frankly About Mental Health, Frustration and Ambition

Hello, dear readers. I’m going to take you a bit “behind the curtain” today, as there are some things I need to talk about for the sake of my own wellbeing.

Oddly enough, the last time I talked about this stuff was at roughly the same time last year, so I’m not sure if there’s something in the air in August or what… but regardless, apologies in advance if I end up going over any of the same ground, which I probably will.

Normal business will resume tomorrow, but for today… indulge me if you will, please. These things are important to talk about.

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Good evening everyone! I’ve left this until late in the day once again so I’m pretty tired. Apologies if this is less coherent than usual… but eh. Roll with it.

It’s been a fun week! I finished Mana Khemia: Alchemists of Al-Revisand got cracking on my ongoing Evercade coverage, so please enjoy more of that in the coming weeks! Plenty more cool stuff coming up soon, too; I’ve had to dust off the ol’ NTSC PS2 (and my scary buzzing voltage transformer, which I’m replacing as soon as possible!) to get ready for Mana Khemia 2: Fall of Alchemy, which only came out in North America, so I’m looking forward to diving into that very soon.

For now, though, let’s check out what you might have missed in the last week.

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Happy weekend everyone! I’ve just finished recording a bunch of videos that were really fun to put together, so please enjoy them when they release over the course of the next couple of weeks.

I’ve also got some great stuff coming up on MoeGamer in the next few weeks too, so I’m really looking forward to getting started on covering those things — more on those when I get to them, though, so consider this a bit of a tease!

For now, though, it’s time for our weekly roundup of what you might have missed here on MoeGamer, on the Atari A to Z series, and around the network of other awesome writers, video makers and other creators of cool things!

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Good afternoon everyone! How are you all doing? I’m sweltering in the predictably toasty British summer we’re currently experiencing — and to be honest, I’m actually quite grateful that we’re all supposed to be staying indoors, because I have no desire to go out in that!

I’ve just had a week off from the day job in order to rest, relax and get caught up on a few things. I haven’t got especially “ahead of schedule” on anything, but it’s been nice to just be able to take a fairly leisurely approach to everything and not have to wake up for pointless conference calls that hold precisely zero value to me.

All being well, next week I should have the Evercade retro gaming handheld in my, err, hands, so expect some in-depth, long-term coverage of that device and its numerous games from thereon. In the meantime, hit the jump to find out what you might have missed this week!

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