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Dedicated to the Backlog

On Monday, LightningEllen from Livid Lightning and Kim from Later Levels revealed the first #LoveYourBacklog Week: seven days devoted to showing your backlog some love, rather than the fear and guilt it usually engenders.

I’ve never seen the backlog as a particularly negative thing. As Kim argues in her post on the subject, having a backlog means that you always have something to play — something new to experience, something new to explore. And since starting MoeGamer I’ve really relished having this huge library of titles just waiting for me to delve into in detail and write, make videos and otherwise enthuse about them.

So what is going on with this whole #LoveYourBacklog thing? Well, for starters, people are proudly displaying the size of their backlog via badges on their blogs — if you’re reading this on desktop or tablet, you should see that over on the left. And from there? Well, read on.

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Around the Network

Hello! How are you? The weather seems to be on the turn here and the evenings are getting a bit lighter, so the general mood seems to be lifting a bit. January sure sucks, huh.

Well, a low mood for the last month and a bit hasn’t stopped me from hammering out a whole bunch of cool stuff for you to hopefully enjoy! We’ve kicked off a new Cover Game feature, for starters, as well as several ongoing series.

Hit the jump to see what you might have missed this week.

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Around the Network

Hello! It is cold. It even snowed this week, though sadly not enough to get off work. Boo and indeed hiss.

Plenty to talk about this week, however, and from next week we’ll be starting a brand new Cover Game feature on the subject of Spike Chunsoft’s sound novel 428: Shibuya Scramble. Please look forward to it!

In the meantime, hit the jump to see what you might have missed this week.

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Planning for 2019

Happy new year, everyone! I hope you all had a suitably tolerable New Year’s Eve. I spent most of mine editing and preparing videos, but to be honest, this is the sort of thing I’d rather do these days anyway!

Today I thought I’d take a moment to look forward to 2019, make a few plans and inform you of what my intentions for MoeGamer and my other projects are for the coming year. None of said projects are going anywhere, I hasten to add — I am, however, expanding on or rethinking a few things here and there.

Let’s get right into it then!

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Merry Christmas! And a preemptive Happy New Year! We’re into the final days of 2018 as I type this, so I hope you are all wrapping the year up in suitably festive fashion.

We’re almost at the end of this year’s MoeGamer Awards for 2018, with just my personal Game of the Year 2018 left to declare before the new year gets underway. You may well be able to predict what it is, but I’ll leave it as a surprise for Monday just in case anyway.

For now, though, let’s take a look at what you might have missed this week.

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Ten days until Christmas! Are you ready? I am, after a flurry of Amazon shopping earlier.

I’m likely going to be taking a few days off from MoeGamer during the holiday season, so from the week after next onwards (i.e. the week that begins with Christmas) updates may be a little intermittent, but I’ll be back on a normal schedule by the new year at the very latest. And with any luck, if my Christmas plans come to fruition, there may be a very special “Episode X” of The MoeGamer Podcast to enjoy — though no promises in that regard just yet.

Anyway, that’s all in the future. What’s been happening in the immediate past? Hit the jump to see what you might have missed this week.

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Quick Patreon Update

Hello folks, a full post will be following later today but I just wanted to share a quick update with you.

Those of you who have been following me for a while will know that I used to run a daily personal blog that I updated every single day for 2,541 days. I’ve been missing that as a daily activity recently… so I figured why not combine it with what I’m doing now?

Rather than clogging up MoeGamer with personal posts, I’ve decided to make it a Patreon reward. Pledge $1 or more per month and you can not only support my work here on MoeGamer and help keep the lights on, you can also get to know me a bit better via exclusive updates that only you (yes, you! And, err, a few others, but mostly you!) can enjoy.

Drop by my Patreon page to find out more about how your money helps MoeGamer and Atari A to Z, and to sign up for my updates. Thank you in advance for your support!