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Hello everyone! It’s the weekend again, so hurrah for that.

Chris and I have spent the afternoon recording a new episode of the MoeGamer Podcast, so watch out for that on Monday, all being well. This episode’s subject is classic Konami — we had great fun recording this one, so we hope you enjoy listening!

As always, there’s been a bunch of happening on the site and around my other projects this week, so hit the jump and catch up on anything you might have missed.

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Hello again everyone! Hope you’ve all had a pleasant weekend and are enjoying the cosiness that the onset of autumn brings.

I’ve been busting my ass trying to beat Evenicle and it’s taken a little longer than I anticipated, but as I write this, I’m on the final chapter and closing in on the actual ending, so we’ll wrap things up once and for all with one more article either later today or (more likely) tomorrow.

After that we’ll be moving on to spooky funtimes for October with the Project Zero series, also known as Fatal Frame. But what else went on this week? Well, hit the jump and let’s review.

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Happy Saturday everyone! Hope your week has been good and that you’re now enjoying a nice relaxing weekend.

It’s been a busy week as always around here. Chris and I spent this afternoon recording a new podcast that should be caressing your earholes by Monday, all being well, and in the meantime there’s been lots of stuff happening both here on MoeGamer and on the other sites in my “network” of sorts.

Hit the jump for a summary of what’s been going on!

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If you follow me on Twitter, you probably know that I have a few ongoing side projects right now.

I wanted to draw a bit of attention to them for those who primarily follow this site — and also just to take a bit of pride in my work elsewhere!

Let’s take a look at what’s been going on elsewhere on what I’m choosing to think of as “The MoeGamer Network”, then…

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MoeGamerTV: MoeGamer on YouTube!

Did you know MoeGamer has a YouTube channel? You can find it (and subscribe) here!

Over on the channel, you’ll find video versions of many MoeGamer articles, Let’s Plays of games — including some I haven’t written about here yet — as well as the MoeGamer Podcast.

If you have a moment to support the channel, please drop by, watch a few videos and leave some likes and comments. And if you’d like to stay up to date with my work on YouTube, don’t forget to subscribe to the channel.

Hit the jump for some recent videos.

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Pete Plays Sorcery Saga: Curse of the Great Curry God

Hi folks, just a quickie to announce that from this point onwards, you can expect (hopefully) regular Let’s Play videos on Saturdays and Sundays.

This is in addition to MoeGamer’s midweek content, which I’m aiming to support with video versions of articles as you may have seen me experimenting with throughout the latter half of this week.

Head on over to my YouTube page to subscribe now, and hit the jump to check out the first two episodes of Sorcery Saga: Curse of the Great Curry Goda game I’ve been meaning to check out for ages — and which has recently had an excellent PC port!

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The MoeGamer Discord

Hi folks, just a brief announcement: the MoeGamer Discord is open for business, currently to Patrons and specifically-invited personal friends.

If you’d like to join up, head on over to the Patreon page and pledge $1 or more a month to be automatically invited. If you delete your pledge later, I won’t kick you from the server unless you’re a massive jerk, in which case I doubt you would have given me money in the first place.

I’m making a special exception to the “Patrons-only” rule specifically for members of the WordPress aniblogger community who regularly read and comment here, since you’re all lovely people. If you’d like an invite, shoot me a message either via a comment on this post or my Contact page with your Discord ID (including the bit with the # and the number) and I’ll get you added. There’s a special private channel specifically for anibloggers if you fancy hanging out and discussing our craft in an exclusive club!

Thanks for your continued support of MoeGamer, and I hope you find the new server fun!