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Good afternoon. I am ill. I am not happy about this, particularly as I’m just at the start of a week off from the day job… but such is life, I guess.

Hopefully I’ll shake it off before too long — I’m getting plenty of rest this weekend rather than trying to cram my time full of recording videos and whatnot. I have all of the coming week to do that, after all!

Anyway, enough moaning about my physical wellbeing; you’re hopefully here to find out what you might have missed this week. So let’s check it out!

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Happy new year! It’s time for the first weekly roundup of 2020. Truly, we are living in the future. Except now it’s the present. And we don’t have flying cars and everything is shit. Except for video games and visual novels, of course!

Anyway, that aside, it’s nice to have made it through the turbulence to everyone’s routine that is the holiday season and get back to relative normality… even if that does mean getting back to the grindstone of the day job. There’s some exciting stuff coming up on MoeGamer, though, as I’ve talked about elsewhere, and I’m looking forward to getting stuck in to some seriously meaty projects.

For now, though, let’s check out what you might have missed in the last week!

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Happy New Year! (2020 Edition)

A very merry new year to all of you! I hope you had at least vaguely tolerable celebrations last night and that you aren’t suffering too much today.

I had a nice quiet one; I’ve never been one for big parties or anything, so the prospect of being out and about on a night where people are particularly inclined to get drunk and obnoxious was not in the slightest bit appealing. So I sat at home with my cats playing games, recording a few videos and enjoying a Chinese takeaway. Perfect.

Anyway, what with it being the first day of the new year, now seems like a prime time to talk about my intentions for the year coming up, so let’s do just that after the jump!

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Hello! It’s nearly the end of a decade! How exciting! How absolutely meaningless in the grand scheme of things, but it feels important, anyway.

We’ve got a year-end podcast coming up tomorrow (assuming everything renders correctly) so please look forward to that, plus the last trickles of this years MoeGamer Awards before we start a whole new year of exciting happy funtimes!

In the meantime, let’s see what you might have missed this week…

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A Very Merry Christmas (2019 Edition)

It’s Christmas! And with that in mind, there’s nothing too substantial coming up on the site today — there is an episode of Warriors Wednesday currently rendering, though, so please look forward to that.

It’s been a wonderful year for both MoeGamer and my YouTube channel, and I wanted to take the opportunity to thank each and every one of you reading this, because if you are reading this, chances are that on at least one occasion during the course of the last year, you’ve read something else on this site, watched a video or otherwise helped me out with one of my various creative projects. And for that, I’m massively grateful.

Since it’s obligatory to reflect on the year just passed and the upcoming year when doing this sort of thing, join me after the jump and we’ll do just that.

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Good evening everyone! I hope you’ve had a pleasant weekend and have got all your Christmas shopping done.

I got sorted a long time ago thanks to the wonder of Amazon. Ahh, remember the good old days when we had to brave holiday season town centres to pick up presents we weren’t sure people actually wanted? I do, and that is one piece of the past I’m in no particular hurry to return to, as nostalgic as I can be at times!

Anyway. Business continues as usual here on MoeGamer even in the run-up to the holidays, so let’s check out what you might have missed!

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Editorial: Supporting the Little Guys

Good morning folks! There’s a MoeGamer 2019 Awards post coming later today, along with Warriors Wednesday, but a few things have been on my mind of late, so I wanted to think them through “out loud” and share those thoughts with you.

What I’m going to talk about today was primarily sparked by the recent plagiarism accusations levelled towards Niche Gamer by Sal Romano of Gematsu, but it also ties in with other surrounding matters such as the horrendous attitude towards a wide variety of marginalised groups displayed by One Angry Gamer and the hostile and abusive point of view expressed by the mainstream press towards fans of particular types of entertainment.

Let’s talk!

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