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Good evening! I hope you’ve all had a pleasant weekend. It’s been pretty relaxed around here — I got a few videos done, but for the most part it’s been pretty chilled out.

I have some significant life changes coming up next week that hopefully won’t affect the stuff I’m doing here on MoeGamer and YouTube — it’s unlikely to, but just wanted to mention it just in case posting is a bit sporadic for whatever reason! Not in a position to be able to talk further about it right now, but suffice to say for now that it is a good life change. More soon. Perhaps.

Anyway, mysterious teases aside, there is a review of the week to deliver! So hit the jump and let’s check out what you might have missed.

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A late one today! I’ve been podcast editing all day, in my defence, but with it being “back to work” tomorrow I wanted to make sure I got the weekly roundup done before I went to sleep!

So it is a brand new year once again, and after the chaotic nonsense of 2020, I think everyone is keen for a fresh start. It’ll continue to be business as usual around here, though — so expect more coverage of overlooked, underappreciated and retro games from over the years!

Posting schedule has been a bit all over the place over the holiday period, but hit the jump to see what you might have missed in the last week or so!

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Happy New Year! (2021 Edition)

Happy new year to you all! What a year it was, too, eh? Hopefully you all had some sort of opportunity to let your hair down a bit last night — while staying safe (in every sense of the word) of course.

I stayed in and played original Xbox games while my wife played Jackbox Party Pack with some friends she hasn’t had the opportunity to speak to, let alone see, for a very long time now. We also had a Chinese takeaway, much like last year. I am 100% fine with these arrangements.

I’m not going to spend too long talking about stuff today, but I do want to outline a few things I have planned for the year coming up. Hit the jump to find out more!

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The MoeGamer Top 10 of 2020

It’s New Year’s Eve! In fact, as I type this, it’s New Year’s Day in some places around the world, so if that’s the case, uh, happy new year, and I hope 2021 looks better than the rancid 12 months we’ve all just endured.

As is tradition for video gaming-related websites, it is obligatory for me to declare some sort of “game of the year” before 2020 ends, and as I’m someone who likes to be awkward and do things differently, I am counting “games of 2020” as “games I played and/or covered on MoeGamer in 2020” rather than necessarily “games that released in 2020”. My site, my rules — but hopefully you’ll find some fun things to check out along the way!

Hit the jump and let’s get started then — and note that these are (probably) in no particular order; I’m just noting them down as they come to mind!

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Q&A: December 2020

Welcome to the second monthly Q&A session, in which S-Rank Patrons over on Patreon get the chance to ask me questions about whatever they feel like probing me on.

This time around, we ponder my outlook on Western games, Vtubers, forgotten games from the early days of the company we now know as Nippon Ichi, anime girl kinks and favourite games from least-favourite genres.

Enjoy the video below, and don’t forget to subscribe on YouTube for more. If you’d like to be part of the next Q&A, sign up to become an S-Rank Patron at my Patreon page here:

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Merry Christmas everyone! I hope you all had a restful holiday season and found yourself with some nice gifts… or at least some nice vouchers or cold, hard cash with which to treat yourselves!

With the world being as it is, we had a pretty quiet Christmas here, but it was still nice. We opened presents, had a nice dinner and then just chilled out for the rest of the day. Exactly what a good Christmas should be, so far as I’m concerned — no stress, no arguments, no rushing around, and lots of Sega Dreamcast.

There’s still been stuff happening on the site and over on YouTube, though, so let’s take a look at what you might have missed this week!

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A Very Merry Christmas! 2020 Edition EX Plus Alpha

Hello everyone, and a very merry Christmas to you all, unless you celebrate something else around this time of year, in which case happy whatever that is.

2020 has been a big challenge for everyone, so I hope over this most festive of holidays you’re able to take a step back from the chaos in the world and have a day or two of pure relaxation and enjoyment — preferably with family and/or loved ones if you’re in a part of the world where that is something you’re allowed to do!

This week’s posting schedule is a bit wonky due to holidays and the like, but you can expect the next episode of the Atelier MegaFeature tomorrow! In the meantime, let’s do the obligatory Christmas Roundup Post! Join me after the jump for some festive funtimes.

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Good evening everyone! Only a few more sleeps until Christmas, though it’s going to be a bit of a strange one for most people this year, I suspect — especially here in the UK where we’re dealing with Mutant Super Virus funtimes.

Anyway, there’s nothing like taking your mind off the killer virus in the air like some good old-fashioned video games, so that’s what I fully intend to continue providing you with over the holiday season. Articles and videos will continue as normal for the most part, though with Christmas itself being on a Friday I may take a break on that day and post the next part of the Atelier MegaFeature on either Thursday or Saturday. We’ll see.

But that is then, and this is now, so let’s see what you might have missed out on from the “then” in the other direction. Join me after the jump!

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Greetings, humans, I hope you are well, and I hope you’ve had a pleasant week; I’ve actually had a rather good one, which is nice.

Christmas is fast approaching, so I hope you’re all stocked up on presents and aren’t having to brave the plague-ridden high streets to get the important people in your life some sort of tat they don’t need but which you thought they “might like”. If you’re struggling for ideas, consider an Evercade; they’re eminently affordable and there’s a massive library of retro classics to play on it now! Nonspon, or whatever the kids say; I just really like that thing.

Anyway, that aside, let’s check out what you might have missed in the last week! Join me after the jump.

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Good evening! I’ve spent most of the day editing a new episode of The MoeGamer Podcast, so you can expect that tomorrow.

I’m not doing a full series of The MoeGamer Awards for the whole month this year — I might do some “[x] of the year” towards the end of December though — so the upcoming episode is very much a “best of 2020” sort of deal. And in our usual manner, most of the stuff we’ve picked is stuff you won’t hear the mainstream talking a great deal about!

Please, as they say, look forward to it. In the meantime, here’s a roundup of what you might have missed in the last week.

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