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And so another week draws to a close and we all slide inexorably onwards towards our inevitable deaths.

We may as well enjoy the intervening days, weeks, months and years then! This month I’ve been doing just that with a fine selection of SNK shoot ’em ups plus my continuing adventures in the world of Death end re;Quest.

Let’s take a look at what you might have missed.

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Another week has passed! This one seems to have gone by quite quickly for some reason. I’m not complaining; I have a couple of weeks off from the day job at the beginning of April, and I’m very much looking forward to using that time for a bunch of MoeGamer and YouTube stuff.

In the meantime, though, things have been continuing as usual around here, with plenty of things to read, watch and listen to.

So let’s take a look at what you might have missed this week!
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Happy weekend, friends! I hope you’ve had a good week. I’ve had a bizarrely busy one, though I’m not entirely sure how or why. I just don’t seem to have had much time to do anything.

Anyway, it’s the weekend, so it’s that time again: time for a roundup of all the things you might have missed out on this week. This week marks the end of the Cover Game feature on 428: Shibuya Scrambleso be sure to check that out in its entirety if you haven’t just yet — it’s a fabulous game, and I really enjoyed writing about it.

For now though… time to look back before we look forward!

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Some Gaming YouTubers Worth Your Time

Hello, dear reader, and thank you, as ever, for continuing to support MoeGamer and my other projects with your generous, kind eyes — which, by the way, are looking beautiful this evening.

I’ll level with you, I have a busy evening ahead of me and nothing in particular planned to write about after a stressful couple of weeks in which I haven’t had nearly enough time to do everything I want… so in the interests of providing you with some sort of Content™ that you might find vaguely interesting, I thought I’d collect together some YouTubers I’ve been very much enjoying of late. Besides myself, I mean. Obviously my own channel is very good indeed and you should definitely go and subscribe. But what about other people, for when you get tired of my delightfully rich and fruity voice?

Join me beneath the fold and we’ll explore a bit… with a particular emphasis on slightly smaller, retro gaming-centric YouTubers that you may not have heard of, particularly if you’re in the States.

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Seven Arbitrarily Chosen Things You’re Missing Out On If You’ve Been Operating Under the Mistaken Belief that JRPGs are “Dead”

It seems that every time we get a new Dragon Quest, Final Fantasy or Persona release, we have the same old “we’re having a JRPG renaissance!” discussion.

Well, dear reader, with my coverage of Death End Re;Quest on the horizon at the time of writing and plenty more RPGs in our shared futures, I’m here to remind you that RPGs have been alive and well ever since what people think of as their “golden age” — the SNES and PS1 eras. This will not be a shock to some of you reading this, of course, but I’m sure there are quite a few people out there who have passed up some wonderful experiences for one reason or another.

So with that in mind, I thought I’d do a list of seven arbitrarily chosen things that you might have missed out on if you’ve been operating under the grossly mistaken assumption that the role-playing game genre has somehow been “dead” despite plenty of evidence to the contrary. Here we go!

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A late one today, as I’ve been busy recording videos for most of the weekend!

I like to try and get stuff done “ahead of time” with regard to video, as it takes time to edit, render and upload, so with a free weekend I thought I’d try and “pre-record” as many Atari A to Z and MoeGamerTV videos as I possibly could. I didn’t quite achieve everything I wanted to, but I did pretty well.

Anyway. That aside, you might have missed all sorts of goodness this week. Let’s check out what that included!

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Good weekend, friends! It’s time once again for that weekly review of what’s been going on here on MoeGamer and elsewhere around my little network.

You almost didn’t get anything out of me today because I’ve had a string of computer disasters today — the USB ports in the front of my PC’s case have broken, my old hard drive (which apparently held the Windows Boot Manager) died completely, preventing Windows from booting even from another drive, and even the god-damn power button on the case snapped its clips and became unusable. All these issues have since been resolved through varying degrees of creativity, meaning I have a working (if somewhat jury-rigged) computer once again — and hopefully there will be a Sunday Driving video for you to enjoy later in the evening.

But enough of my woes. Let’s see what you might have missed this week…

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