New Game Plus: Producing Sundries – Atelier Rorona DX #1

It’s time for a new series of New Game Plus, in which I take a game I’ve already beaten and explore its postgame content and/or New Game Plus modes.

With the Atelier Arland Cover Game feature now done and dusted, that would seem like an ideal time to immediately revisit those games and see what happens on a second playthrough, right?

We get underway today with a new beginning for Atelier Rorona DX: The Alchemist of Arland on Nintendo Switch.

You only get to carry a few things across into a New Game Plus in the Arland games — specifically, any equipment that each of the playable characters had equipped at the time you saved your clear data (plus the workshop decorations in the case of Atelier Rorona), and the amount of money you had. Levels, relationship values, inventory, everything else resets, so you’re going almost from scratch.

However, just carrying across those few things makes early game progress significantly quicker. With good equipment, you can make short work of all the early game dungeons and battles, gathering some great items in the process. With the workshop furnishings, you can make significantly more efficient use of your time. And with money, you can afford to take advantage of the shops in Arland right from the start of the game to help you complete requests and craft items.

Everything seems to be going pretty smoothly so far. But how long will that last…?

More about the Atelier Arland trilogy

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