Blaze’s Evercade console is a cartridge-based, Internet-free retro gaming system that can be played in handheld form or connected to a TV via HDMI.

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Evercade A to Z

Articles about Evercade

Tanglewood: Outfoxed at Every Turn - Following the initial batch of ten cartridges for the Evercade retro gaming platform, one of the releases that people were most excited for was cartridge number 11: a double pack featuring arena shooter Xeno Crisis and platformer Tanglewood. We’ll get to Xeno Crisis in due course, but I wanted to make a point of looking at Tanglewood first. Because … Continue reading Tanglewood: Outfoxed at Every Turn
Double Dragon II: The Revenge – Who Needs Arcade Perfection? - Much like its predecessor, the NES version of Technōs Japan’s classic beat ’em up Double Dragon II: The Revenge is a distinct affair from its arcade-based counterpart. This was an era of gaming where arcade-perfect ports on home platforms weren’t really possible — so in a fair few cases, developers simply opted to make brand … Continue reading Double Dragon II: The Revenge – Who Needs Arcade Perfection?
Exploding Fist: The Way Fightin’ Used To Be - Like most game genres, fighting games went through a period of experimentation and flux in their early days as developers and publishers attempted to figure out the “best” way to do things. In the days of 8-bit home computers and consoles, we saw a variety of different games attempting to simulate martial arts with varying … Continue reading Exploding Fist: The Way Fightin’ Used To Be
Log Jammers: Less Wind, More Log - One of the most common arguments in favour of pocket-sized handheld gaming devices is that they’re eminently suitable for bite-sized nuggets of gameplay that will keep you distracted for a few minutes at a time. The Evercade retro gaming platform is no stranger to this concept, with plenty of the games across its complete library … Continue reading Log Jammers: Less Wind, More Log
Prehistorik Man: Titus Made Good Games Sometimes - Titus, it’s fair to say, is not one of the most fondly regarded names in classic gaming — though a fair amount of their work was at least memorable for one reason or another. That doesn’t mean it was a company completely incapable of putting out a good game, however. And in fact, when Titus … Continue reading Prehistorik Man: Titus Made Good Games Sometimes
Dragon Spirit: The New Legend – In Case of Emergency, Use Dragon - The shoot ’em up genre is, it’s fair to say, fairly dominated by spaceships. It makes sense — a sci-fi tale allows for pretty much unbridled creativity, taking the player on a journey through the stars into the great unknown, battling off hordes of unimaginable horrors from many light years away. But the fantasy genre … Continue reading Dragon Spirit: The New Legend – In Case of Emergency, Use Dragon
Solaris: The 2600’s Finest Hour - The humble Atari 2600 had an astonishingly long lifespan, being officially produced between 1977 and 1992. As you might expect, this means there’s an equally astonishing difference between the very first games for it and those which came out later in its lifespan. Solaris by Doug Neubauer came out in 1986, putting it towards the … Continue reading Solaris: The 2600’s Finest Hour
Earthworm Jim: Shiny, Groovy People - Earthworm Jim is, for many people, a defining game of the 16-bit home console era. Perhaps not in quite the same way as titles like Super Mario World and Sonic the Hedgehog, but it’s definitely a title people look back on fondly. Probably the main reason for its enduring appeal is its incredible animation, which … Continue reading Earthworm Jim: Shiny, Groovy People
Midnight Resistance: Under Lock and Key - Throughout the 8- and 16-bit home computer and console eras, we saw numerous developers “paying homage” to one another’s work — and often developing their own interesting twists on the formula in the process. One cannot look at Data East’s 1989 release Midnight Resistance and not think of Konami’s Contra from two years prior, for example, but in practice … Continue reading Midnight Resistance: Under Lock and Key
Mappy: Your Move, Cat - Mappy is perhaps not one of Namco’s most well-known arcade games from the early days — here in the West, anyway — but it’s still one that the company frequently acknowledges and pays tribute to. Many of the cars in the Ridge Racer series feature “sponsorship” by the series, for example, and the first Mappy title, which … Continue reading Mappy: Your Move, Cat
Ninja Golf: Hitting the Links (And Everyone Who Stands in Your Way) - One of the things I’ve always been rather fond of from the ’80s and early ’90s is how literal a lot of video game titles were, particularly on Atari consoles. In Casino, you play casino games. In Race, you race. In Canyon Bomber, you bomb a canyon. And in Ninja Golf, you are a ninja … Continue reading Ninja Golf: Hitting the Links (And Everyone Who Stands in Your Way)
Double Dragon: Defining the Brawler - Every gaming genre out there has that one title that helped to codify — if not establish — conventions that would continue to be followed for many years to come. For the beat ’em up genre, that game was Technos’ Double Dragon, a title that is widely regarded to have kicked off something of a “golden age” … Continue reading Double Dragon: Defining the Brawler
The Immortal: How To Kill Your Wizard - If you are a glutton for punishment, or just feel that modern video games are a touch on the easy and/or fair side for you, it’s high time you checked out Will Harvey’s classic 1990 title, The Immortal. As it happens, at the time of writing it’s just become easily accessible in not one, but … Continue reading The Immortal: How To Kill Your Wizard
Super Painter: Simpler Times - The platform game genre has been around for many years at this point, and, like most other types of games, it has gradually increased in complexity as time has passed. That hasn’t always been for the better, however. While the shift to 3D with titles such as Super Mario 64 was praised as a huge leap forwards … Continue reading Super Painter: Simpler Times
The Brainies: Furry Balls - As we’ve seen a number of times already at this point, Blaze’s Evercade retro gaming platform is home to a wide variety of obscure titles that many people probably haven’t played — and which certainly haven’t been rereleased many times over the years. Some great examples can be found on the two Interplay Collection cartridges, which include … Continue reading The Brainies: Furry Balls
Warpman: Another Lost Namco Treasure - Probably the best thing about Blaze’s Evercade retro gaming platform is the fact that the releases so far have specifically eschewed hugely well-known retro titles in favour of hidden gems, lost treasures and just plain previously unlocalised titles. A great example of this can be seen on the Namco Museum Collection 2 cartridge. Have you ever … Continue reading Warpman: Another Lost Namco Treasure
Asteroids 7800: Besteroids? - I was never a huge fan of Asteroids back in the day; I always found the “turn and thrust” controls to be a bit of a challenge to deal with. That hasn’t stopped me from playing numerous versions of this arcade classic over the years, though, including the Atari 2600 version, the Atari 8-bit version … Continue reading Asteroids 7800: Besteroids?
Titan: Break Out, In and All Around - How do you improve on a classic formula? It’s a question many artists have explored over the years, and an easy answer for a lot of them seems to be “add more stuff”. Atari’s Breakout is an immensely influential game, which subsequently begat Taito’s wonderful Arkanoid and all manner of other imitators from over the years. French developer Titus … Continue reading Titan: Break Out, In and All Around
BurgerTime: The Original Foot Lettuce - Ah, the early ’80s — a time of exploration and experimentation in the world of video games. What subject matter would make for a good game — and particularly, what would make a good arcade game that would encourage people to part with all the small change in their pocket? In 1982, Data East came … Continue reading BurgerTime: The Original Foot Lettuce
Xevious: Are You Devious Enough? - Namco really were trailblazers back in the early days of gaming; so many of their titles were true pioneers. Much of the vertically scrolling shoot ’em up genre as it exists today owes a lot to 1983’s Xevious, for example. Xevious established or at least popularised genre conventions such as making use of different weapons for different targets, … Continue reading Xevious: Are You Devious Enough?
Food Fight: Cream Pie Action - If there’s one thing that Atari consoles have excelled at over the years, it’s bite-sized, monstrously addictive arcade-style experiences. The woefully underappreciated Atari 7800 “ProSystem” was definitely no exception to this rule, with the majority of its library consisting of excellent arcade conversions. One of the most beloved games in this regard was Food Fight which, while … Continue reading Food Fight: Cream Pie Action
Renegade: Birth of the Brawler - It’s always interesting to return to the very earliest examples of a particular genre, just to see how things got off the ground in the first place. As you’ll know if you’ve read my feature on the history of the beat ’em up, which formed part of the Senran Kagura: Estival Versus Cover Game feature here on … Continue reading Renegade: Birth of the Brawler
Switchblade: Living on a Knife Edge - The 8- and 16-bit home computer eras played host to some fantastic games — but when we’re talking about gaming history, most people tend to focus on the home consoles of the era. This means that a lot of interesting games tend to fall by the wayside and run the risk of being forgotten. One … Continue reading Switchblade: Living on a Knife Edge
Multidude: One-Player Co-Op - Have you found it difficult to get together with friends lately, perhaps due to a global virus pandemic? Are you missing the joy of cooperating with your fellow dudes, and open to an electronic surrogate? Then do I have the game for you. Multidude is a short puzzle adventure by Russian developer RetroSouls. It was originally … Continue reading Multidude: One-Player Co-Op
The Adventures of Rad Gravity: Creative Vision - We talk quite a lot about “video game auteurs” these days, and how modern technology allows game designers to realise their visions like never before. This sort of thing has been going on for quite some time, however — and in some respects, it’s even more impressive when a developer clearly expresses their creativity through … Continue reading The Adventures of Rad Gravity: Creative Vision
Dig Dug II: Bring Out the Drill - Dig Dug is one of those retro games that is an established classic, but which relatively few people seem to be aware actually got a rather enjoyable sequel. Most of this is likely due to the fact that the 1985 arcade original was only released in Japan, and the game wouldn’t come West until the … Continue reading Dig Dug II: Bring Out the Drill
Dark Chambers: What a Dandy Dungeon This Is - The history of how a lot of old games came to be is deeply fascinating. One such tale that I’ve found rather interesting is how Atari’s Dark Chambers found its way to release. This is a game that has its roots in John Palevich’s Dandy, which is the reason the all-time classic cooperative top-down dungeon crawler Gauntlet exists, but … Continue reading Dark Chambers: What a Dandy Dungeon This Is
Incantation: Having a Wizard Time - Nintendo’s widely beloved Super NES continued to get new games long after the Sony PlayStation and its rivals had brought in the “next generation” of gaming in 1994. As you might expect, many of these titles from the latter days of the 16-bit era have very much flown under the radar over the years, and … Continue reading Incantation: Having a Wizard Time
Burnin’ Rubber: Let’s Bump ‘n’ Jump - Data East may be a slightly lesser-known company than the big hitters of the 8- and 16-bit era, but they still put out some cracking arcade games during this period, many of which got home ports. One fine example is Burnin’ Rubber, which is also known, depending on where you are in the world and what platform … Continue reading Burnin’ Rubber: Let’s Bump ‘n’ Jump
Star Luster: Namco Does Star Raiders - One of the great things about the Evercade retro gaming handheld is its unofficial mission to bring a variety of overlooked, underappreciated or unlocalised retro gaming titles to a worldwide audience. The publishing partners who have signed up to distribute their games on the platform are seemingly more than happy to jump on board with … Continue reading Star Luster: Namco Does Star Raiders
Alien Brigade: The 7800’s Crown Jewel? - We’re all about the Evercade here on MoeGamer, so where better to kick off our exploration of all the games available on this retro wonder-device than with the first game on the first cartridge in the library? Alien Brigade is a rail shooter originally released for Atari 7800 in 1990. It’s regarded by many Atari 7800 … Continue reading Alien Brigade: The 7800’s Crown Jewel?
A Warm Welcome to the Evercade - Over the course of the last few years, retro gaming devices of various descriptions have become very popular. Until now, these have tended to fall into one of two categories: emulation boxes that you can load up with your own collection of ROMs and enjoy to your heart’s content, or pre-curated systems with fixed libraries … Continue reading A Warm Welcome to the Evercade
Evercade: The Case for Curated Retro Gaming - Blaze’s new retro gaming handheld, the Evercade, officially launches on May 22, 2020, with the company hoping to get units in the hands of everyone who preordered by June 12, 2020 at the latest. Since I’m planning some extensive coverage of this device and its games as soon as mine arrives — fingers crossed it’s … Continue reading Evercade: The Case for Curated Retro Gaming

Evercade Cartridges

Click a cartridge to find out more about the games on it. Click a game name to find out more about that specific game.

Atari Collection 1

Centipede (2600)
Missile Command (2600)
Alien Brigade (7800)
Adventure (2600)
Ninja Golf (7800)
Food Fight (7800)
Motor Psycho (7800)
Crystal Castles (2600)
Desert Falcon (2600)
Tempest (2600)
Asteroids (2600)
Canyon Bomber (2600)
Gravitar (2600)
Double Dunk (2600)
Steeplechase (2600)
Video Pinball (2600)
Night Driver (2600)
Aquaventure (2600)
Swordquest Earthworld (2600)
Yars Return (2600)

Namco Museum 1

Pac Man
Dig Dug
Star Luster
Libble Rabble
Battle Cars
Metal Marines
Quad Challenge
Mappy Kids

Data East Collection 1

Fighter’s History
Midnight Resistance
Burnin’ Rubber
Karate Champ
Joe & Mac 2: Lost in the tropics
Side Pocket
Magical Drop 2
Two Crude Dudes
Bad Dudes

Interplay Collection 1

Earthworm Jim

Atari Collection 2

Asteroids (7800)
Yars’ Revenge (2600)
Millipede (2600)
Basketbrawl (7800)
Centipede (7800)
Solaris (2600)
Sprintmaster (2600)
Submarine Commander (2600)
Haunted House (2600)
Planet Smashers (7800)
Bowling (2600)
Desert Falcon (7800)
Radar Lock (2600)
Human Canonball (2600)
Street Racer (2600)
Air Sea Battle (2600)
Realsports Tennis (2600)
Dark Chambers (2600)
Wizard (2600)
Demons to Diamonds (2600)

Namco Museum 2

Tower of Druaga
Dragon Spirit
Dig Dug 2
Burning Force
Weapon Lord
Splatterhouse 2
Splatterhouse 3

Interplay Collection 2

Earthworm Jim 2
Clayfighter 2
The Adventures of Rad Gravity
Prehistorik Man
The Brainies

Mega Cat Studios 1

Super Painter
Coffee Crisis
Little Medusa
Old Towers
Creepy Brawlers
Almost Hero
Log Jammers
Justice Duel

Piko Interactive 1

Brave Battle Saga
Water Margin
Magic Girl
Dorke and Ymp
Exploding Fist
Top Racer
Radical Rex
Jim Power – The Lost Dimension
The Immortal
Dragon View
Power Punch II
Power Piggs of the Dark Ages
Iron Commando
The Humans
Canon – Legends of the New Gods

Technos Collection 1

Double Dragon
Double Dragon II: The Revenge
Crash ‘N’ The Boys: Street Challenge
River City Ransom
Super Dodge Ball
Super Spike V’ball
Super Double Dragon

Xeno Crisis and Tanglewood

Xeno Crisis

The Oliver Twins

Treasure Island Dizzy
Fantastic Dizzy
Go! Dizzy Go!
Dizzy The Adventurer
Panic Dizzy
Wonderland Dizzy
Mystery World Dizzy
BMX Simulator
DreamWorld Pogie
Super Robin Hood

Atari Lynx 1

Scrapyard Dog
Super Asteroids/Missile Command
Awesome Golf
Crystal Mines II: Buried Treasure
Dracula the Undead
Gordo 106
Ishido: The Way of Stones
Jimmy Connors Tennis
Malibu Bikini Volleyball
Power Factor
Super Sqweek

Atari Lynx 2

California Games
Todd’s Adventures in Slimeworld
Electro Cop
Gates of Zendocon
Zarlor Mercenary
Blue Lightning
Chips Challenge
Checkered Flag

Jaleco Collection 1

Bases Loaded
Brawl Brothers
City Connection
Earth Defence Force
Super Goal 2
Totally Rad
Rival Turf
Operation Logic Bomb
Ignition Factor

Piko Interactive 2

Power Football
Hoops, Shut Up and Jam
Hoops: Shut Up and Jam 2
Summer Challenge
Winter Challenge
Brutal Sports Football
Eliminator Boat Duel
Full Throttle All American Racing
Top Racer 2
Soccer Kid
Racing Fever
World Trophy Soccer
Football Madness

Indie Heroes Collection 1

Super Homebrew War
Chain Break
Quest Arrest
Twin Dragons
Doodle World
Alien Cat 2

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