Evercade 05: Atari Collection 2

A collection of classic Atari 2600 and 7800 games for Blaze’s Evercade retro gaming handheld.

Games included

Asteroids (7800)
Yars’ Revenge (2600)
Millipede (2600)
Basketbrawl (7800)
Centipede (7800)
Solaris (2600)
Sprintmaster (2600)
Submarine Commander (2600)
Haunted House (2600)
Planet Smashers (7800)
Bowling (2600)
Desert Falcon (7800)
Radar Lock (2600)
Human Canonball (2600)
Street Racer (2600)
Air Sea Battle (2600)
Realsports Tennis (2600)
Dark Chambers (2600)
Wizard (2600)
Demons to Diamonds (2600)

Articles about Evercade 05: Atari Collection 2

Evercade A to Z: Desert Falcon - Today’s Evercade game is a cross-platform Atari title — it’s Desert Falcon, which was primarily designed for the Atari 7800, but which also got a 2600 version. Desert Falcon is an isometric perspective shoot ’em up in which you take control of a majestic bird who has a real grudge against Sphinxes. By collecting combinations of … Continue reading Evercade A to Z: Desert Falcon
Yars’ Revenge: This Game Has Bugs - Yars’ Revenge is, it’s fair to say, one of the most well-known and respected Atari 2600 games out there. Indeed, back in the day it was one of the platform’s best-selling games, being one of several examples from the 1981-1982 period that actually broke a million copies sold. This was, as you might imagine, a … Continue reading Yars’ Revenge: This Game Has Bugs
Evercade A to Z: Solaris - With how long the Atari 2600 stuck around — and its position in the early days of the games business — it’s no surprise that games from its latter days bear little to no resemblance to its launch titles. There are few games in which this is more apparent than Solaris, the official follow-up to Star Raiders on … Continue reading Evercade A to Z: Solaris
Solaris: The 2600’s Finest Hour - The humble Atari 2600 had an astonishingly long lifespan, being officially produced between 1977 and 1992. As you might expect, this means there’s an equally astonishing difference between the very first games for it and those which came out later in its lifespan. Solaris by Doug Neubauer came out in 1986, putting it towards the … Continue reading Solaris: The 2600’s Finest Hour
Asteroids 7800: Besteroids? - I was never a huge fan of Asteroids back in the day; I always found the “turn and thrust” controls to be a bit of a challenge to deal with. That hasn’t stopped me from playing numerous versions of this arcade classic over the years, though, including the Atari 2600 version, the Atari 8-bit version … Continue reading Asteroids 7800: Besteroids?
Dark Chambers: What a Dandy Dungeon This Is - The history of how a lot of old games came to be is deeply fascinating. One such tale that I’ve found rather interesting is how Atari’s Dark Chambers found its way to release. This is a game that has its roots in John Palevich’s Dandy, which is the reason the all-time classic cooperative top-down dungeon crawler Gauntlet exists, but … Continue reading Dark Chambers: What a Dandy Dungeon This Is


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