Evercade 02: Namco Museum Collection 1

A collection of classic Namco games for Blaze’s Evercade retro gaming handheld.

Games included

Pac Man
Dig Dug
Star Luster
Libble Rabble
Battle Cars
Metal Marines
Quad Challenge
Mappy Kids

Articles about Evercade 02: Namco Museum Collection 1

Dig Dug: Diggin’ Dirty - One of the interesting things about fully exploring retro gaming is discovering the subtle differences between different versions of a game. Back in the early to mid ’80s, there were sometimes quite significant differences between the various platforms’ take on an established game. This was due to a combination of factors: most frequently it was … Continue reading Dig Dug: Diggin’ Dirty
Evercade A to Z: Galaxian - Do you like to shoot, but also to think? Then you should give Namco’s Galaxian a shot (no pun intended) — it’s a game where attempting to go in all guns blazing will quickly end in failure. The Famicom version, seen here as part of the Namco Museum Collection 1 cartridge for the Evercade, is a great … Continue reading Evercade A to Z: Galaxian
Galaxian: The Thinking Man’s Fixed Shooter - For quite some time — particularly during the crossover from the 8-bit to 16-bit home computer and console eras — shoot ’em ups were regarded as the “dumb” side of gaming; critics often thought we could “do better”. These days, of course, the more discerning gamers among us will, of course, be able to recognise … Continue reading Galaxian: The Thinking Man’s Fixed Shooter
Evercade A to Z: Star Luster - Given the popularity of Atari’s Star Raiders, it’s surprising that Namco never brought Star Luster, its own take on the early days of the space sim genre, to Western NES owners. Thankfully, we can now enjoy it officially outside of Japan thanks to its release as part of Namco Museum Collection 1, cartridge 02 in the Evercade … Continue reading Evercade A to Z: Star Luster
Mappy: Your Move, Cat - Mappy is perhaps not one of Namco’s most well-known arcade games from the early days — here in the West, anyway — but it’s still one that the company frequently acknowledges and pays tribute to. Many of the cars in the Ridge Racer series feature “sponsorship” by the series, for example, and the first Mappy title, which … Continue reading Mappy: Your Move, Cat
Xevious: Are You Devious Enough? - Namco really were trailblazers back in the early days of gaming; so many of their titles were true pioneers. Much of the vertically scrolling shoot ’em up genre as it exists today owes a lot to 1983’s Xevious, for example. Xevious established or at least popularised genre conventions such as making use of different weapons for different targets, … Continue reading Xevious: Are You Devious Enough?
Star Luster: Namco Does Star Raiders - One of the great things about the Evercade retro gaming handheld is its unofficial mission to bring a variety of overlooked, underappreciated or unlocalised retro gaming titles to a worldwide audience. The publishing partners who have signed up to distribute their games on the platform are seemingly more than happy to jump on board with … Continue reading Star Luster: Namco Does Star Raiders


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