The One-Liner Challenge

Time for a Community tag post! This one looked like a particularly fun one, and after the lovely Irina from I Drink and Watch Anime specifically requested me to do one about games, who was I to refuse?

The original tag came from The Awkward Book Blogger and was based around, as you might expect, books — but it has since expanded to encompass anime and now, thanks to my contribution, games as well.

So let’s jump right in. After the jump. Jumpy jumpy jump.


Accept and thank your challenger(s) by linking back to their post.


Make a post of one-sentence summaries/roasts of at least five books manga anime games.

Hold your horses, it’s coming, it’s coming. And there’s a lot more than five. Sorry not sorry.

No spoilers!

Sigh. FINE.

Link back to The Awkward Book Blogger so she can see your post.


Challenge as many or as few people as you want!

Okay! I challenge… err…

  • SpasticSurgeon since they’re a new follower and left a nice comment 🙂
  • JonSpencer if he hasn’t already had a tag for this one, which he almost certainly has by now.
  • IPlayedTheGame because it’s always nice to see likes and comments from him.
  • Baud Attitude because his posts are always very enjoyable, and I have great admiration for him enduring all things Halo right now!
  • Arthifis has probably already had a tag for this, but here’s another one anyway; he’s one of the nicest people on the Internet and deserves your love!

Have fun!

On the case.

I thought I’d start with some summaries of my previous Cover Game features, and then perhaps move on to some other favourites if I still felt like writing something. If these single-sentence summaries pique your interest, you can click on the headings to find out more (much more!) about each of them.

Okay, let’s begin!

Senran Kagura: Estival Versus

Senran Kagura: Estival Versus

Titty ninjas fight on the beaches as a highly effective coping mechanism.

Megadimension Neptunia V-II

Do you remember the Sega Dreamcast?

Dungeon Travelers 2

Possibly my favourite RPG of all time, and considerably more than a “creepy, porn-lite dungeon crawler”.

Dungeon Travelers 2


My wife insists on calling it “Yeast”, which is frankly rather disrespectful to one of the longest running and best action RPG series out there.

RPG Maker MV

Now you too can make games that people will complain about on Steam.

One Way Heroics

The turn-based RPG equivalent of those levels in Super Mario World that everyone hated.

Gal*Gun Double Peace

Gal*Gun Double Peace

If you enjoyed Gabriel Dropout, you’ll definitely like this.

Fairy Fencer F: Advent Dark Force

Tsunako art, grumpy protagonist and a fine cast of waifus make for a wonderfully enjoyable RPG.

Final Fantasy XV

Cute boys hang out and save the world when they feel like it.

Nights of Azure

Nights of Azure

Lesbian vampire demon slaughters hordes of monsters in the name of holding back the night.


If you thought you had problems in your teenage years, the story of Yuuji and his five new ladyfriends will make you feel a lot better.

Ne no Kami

Cute girls fight Shinto demons, also gay happens.

Nier Automata

Nier Automata

Robot with shapely butt muses on the nature of existence.

MeiQ: Labyrinth of Death

Clockwork planet stops ticking, so cute girls and pet robots are sent in to get it going again.

Gravity Rush

Cat filled with stars helps cute girl become the world’s nicest superhero.



Master is a horny pastry puffer, but his cats don’t seem to have too much of a problem with that.

Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood

Fan-baiting expansion features the game’s best villain to date.

Fate/stay night

Everything you knew about history was wrong.

Rance 5D: The Lonely Girl

Ridge Racer


Rance 5D: The Lonely Girl

Everyone knows the best cure to loneliness is molestation and dice games.

Rance VI: Collapse of Zeth

If the only hero available is Rance, do you still want to be saved?

Mighty Gunvolt Burst

Cyberdimension Neptunia: 4 Goddesses Online

A video game about personified video game consoles playing a video game.

Inti Creates

More than just Mega Man.

Xenoblade Chronicles 2

Weaponised waifus — can you collect them all?

Blue Reflection

Sad ballerina learns about empathy.

Blue Reflection

Yeah, I’ve got a few more in me, I reckon. So here’s some randomly selected other games that have been previously covered here on MoeGamer that you might find interesting:

Demolition Girl

Bikini model bitten by radioactive alien crab causes widespread chaos.

Re;Lord 1 ~The witch of Herfort and stuffed animals~

Right-wing demon attempts to take back his homeland.

Honey Select Unlimited

Come for the porn, stay for the creativity, then come for the porn again.

Honey Select Unlimited

Cave Story

You will never get the true ending.

Fate/Grand Order

Don’t do it to yourself.

Saya no Uta

A nice, heartwarming story about a mentally handicapped man making a new friend.

Saya no Uta

Seven Days with the Ghost

Sometimes all it takes to understand your sexuality is a supernatural encounter.

Yoshi’s Island

Touch fuzzy, get dizzy.


Still the best perverted puzzle game out there.

My Girlfriend is the President


Worth playing just for that bit in level two where you blast into space.

My Girlfriend is the President

If only international politics were like this, I might take more of an interest.

Pandora’s Tower

Yorkshire lass craves meat.

School Days HQ

Radio Helicopter

Young boy refuses kiss from topless maiden in favour of cold, hard cash.

Lifesigns: Hospital Affairs

It’s Ace Attorney, but with doctors.

School Days HQ

No nice boats here.

Space Live: Advent of the Net Idols

If you ever wanted to see your favourite web browser’s boobs, now’s your chance.

Space Live: Advent of the Net Idols

All right, I think that oughta do it, since that’s considerably more than “at least five”. I hope this post has intrigued you enough to check out some of these games — and don’t forget, you can always see a full index of everything we’ve explored here on MoeGamer over on the All Games page, or in the right sidebar.

Have a lovely weekend, and I’ll be back with more fun and games next week.

More about… you know what, just click the links above.

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16 thoughts on “The One-Liner Challenge”

  1. Ooh fun! I’ll be sure to do this. Thanks so much for the callout!

    Random question have you played Etrian Odyssey? I don’t know if that would fall under your umbrella of “moe games” or not.

    I’ve been meaning to get into an anime/non-anime dungeon crawler in the first-person turn-based style like wizardry, so let me know if you have any suggestions!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. No, I haven’t, but it’s very much on my list to cover sometime as they are the quintessential modern dungeon crawler… even if Dungeon Travelers 2 is going to take some beating from my perspective!

      As you may have noticed, despite the name of my site I’m not rigidly stuck to the idea of “moe” games; my only real requirement for something to be considered for coverage is for it to have at least a tangential connection to Japanese gaming in general — especially if it’s an overlooked or underappreciated title in general, or one with some sort of historical significance. The Etrian Odyssey series definitely falls into that latter category!

      As for dungeon crawling suggestions, Demon Gaze is excellent, particularly if you’re new to the genre. MeiQ is also a very beginner-friendly one with cool robot customising. The aforementioned Dungeon Travelers 2 is amazing but rather more complex in terms of mechanics. All of these, conveniently, have at least one article about them here on the site — check my All Games index (or the Cover Games page for MeiQ and DT2) to find out more.

      I also hear Mary Skelter is excellent. I own a copy of that but haven’t played it yet so can’t comment on it with detail. It is, as with many other things, on my list for future coverage!

      If you want to compare Western approaches to the genre, Legend of Grimrock is supposedly the best of the modern ones. If you’d rather go a bit more retro, Lands of Lore and Eye of the Beholder are your essentials, and the Dungeons & Dragons roguelike Dungeon Hack is a ton of fun too. All of these are on Along with all the mainline Wizardries, I think.

      A lot of Western dungeon crawlers have quasi real-time instead of turn-based combat, however, so I don’t like the way they play quite so much. Matter of taste, though!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. “one of the nicest people in the Internet”? Blushes Where is the hole so I can get myself into to die from embarassment? :$ Thank you so much though! You just made my day ahah And yes, you were right, I already got tagged, but hey the more the merrier! This way I have more people to thank and say nice things when answering the tag! XD

    Your lines are just too much fun! 😀

    “Titty ninjas”? ahahah, sorry I don’t even know the game… But, titty ninjas? ahahahah that I want to see!

    “Now you too can make games that people will complain about on Steam.” – completely agree with you on this one ahah

    “Cute boys hang out and save the world when they feel like it.” . completely agree with you, but I would go with: 4 cute guys riding a car who decide to go frog catching instead of saving the world.

    “also gay happens” – You got my interest!

    “Robot with shapely butt muses on the nature of existence.” – and don’t forget the part of the panty shots all throughout the game!


  3. Thanks for the tag 🙂 My brain is basically mush these days from trying to cram 17 years’ worth of Halo media into it in the space of a month. This reminds me of the old TV Guide movie reviews, where they’d have so little space that they’d need to sum up a movie in a sentence or two. My favorite is still:

    “Razorback: Possibly the finest movie ever made about a giant, man-eating hog.”

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I had an Adam and Joe book where they did a great gag along those lines, with a fake two-page spread from the Radio Times. My favourite was one that just said “7pm – Spatchcock: Spatchcock.” No further explanation. Brilliant.

      Liked by 1 person

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