The MoeGamer Podcast: Pilot Episode – Sega, Sega, Sega

I’ve been talking about doing some sort of podcast with my good friend and longtime supporter Chris Caskie for some time… and last weekend we finally got around to it!

After the jump (and on YouTube), you’ll find the pilot episode of a new MoeGamer podcast that will hopefully become a semi-regular thing! How regular it is will depend on the schedules Chris and I keep and whether I can get things edited reasonably quickly, but we’re looking at bi-weekly or monthly rather than weekly right now.

We hope you enjoy the show — we had a blast recording it, I had great fun editing it (even if it took all evening) and we’re already looking forward to recording more!

In this episode, Chris and I establish the format for the show. In the first segment, we explore the gaming news stories from the recent past that have attracted our attention — not necessarily the biggest stories, but those we’ve found interesting.

In the second, we talk about what we’ve been playing recently. In my case, as you might expect, this will primarily concern the month’s Cover Game feature, but there may be a few surprises there!

And in the third segment, we have a topic-based discussion — in this case, on the subject of Sega: how the  company has evolved over time, and whether it’s the same entity it once was.

Enjoy the show, and there’ll be more soon all being well!

Pop this link into your favourite podcast app to subscribe to the audio-only version of the podcast.

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