Summer Sale Time Again

Yes, it’s that time of year again when a million credit cards cry out in anguish: the Steam Summer Sale.

So what better excuse to look back over some of the games we’ve discussed here on MoeGamer, and point you in the direction of an opportunity to acquire them at reduced rates? None, that’s right, there’s no better excuse.

Before we kick off, I’ll just take a moment to remind you (or perhaps inform you, if you haven’t been paying attention) that MoeGamer has a Steam Curator page, where I do my best to include all the PC versions of games we talk about here. You can check it out here (or use the link in the left sidebar/down at the bottom if you’re on mobile) — though at the time of writing note that the Steam servers are, as usual, taking a good ol’ pounding at the hands of bargain hunters, so you may have to reload once or twice.

Without further ado then, let’s check out some fun times you can have for considerably less than their normal price, in no particular order. (And if you’re reading this after the sale’s already over… these games are still well worth picking up!)

Astebreed (67% off)


Absolutely one of the most stunning shoot ’em ups you’ll ever play, Astebreed is an ambitious title that blends a stirring, thought-provoking sci-fi story with spectacular cinematic blasting action. Piloting the giant robot Xbreed in an attempt to take humanity’s fight to the mysterious and terrifying Filune, you’ll hack, slash, blast, lock on and dodge your way through swarms of enemy ships on your way to discover the truth.

The PS4 version of this game is arguably superior thanks to the addition of some new music and a more refined control system, but the PC version is still well worth your time if you don’t have access to a PS4.

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Aselia the Eternal (40% off)


An unusual hybrid of strategy RPG and visual novel, Aselia the Eternal tells a philosophical story about free will and how power corrupts. With multiple narrative routes and a selection of difficulty levels, in terms of bang for your buck, this one is really hard to beat — so long as you don’t object to vast expanses of narrative exposition, sometimes right in the midst of battle.

Aselia the Eternal features some of the finest worldbuilding in a fantasy game thanks to its strong writing, characterisation and lore, and is a challenging but fair strategy title with some memorable, unusual mechanics.

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The Fruit of Grisaia (60% off)



If you’re yet to delve into Grisaia, one of the most impressively ambitious series of visual novels out there, now’s a great time to get started, with a bit of a caveat: the version on Steam is the “all-ages” edition which completely lacks erotic content, but in exchange has some additional event images that were only in the Japanese Vita version.

Because the all-ages and 18+ versions are based on different code, this also means that there isn’t an easy way to patch in the 18+ content as with some other visual novels on Steam, so bear this in mind before purchasing — particularly as the erotic content in Grisaia is rather tightly integrated into the plot in the vast majority of its routes.

Read many thousands of words about Grisaia
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The Labyrinth of Grisaia (50% off)


See above. Everything that applies to The Fruit of Grisaia also applies to this direct follow-up.

Go on, read all these words about Grisaia
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Ne no Kami (50% off)


Combining a deep exploration of Shinto mythology with modern influences to create a highly memorable experience, yuri visual novel Ne no Kami blends fantasy and reality to create an enormously compelling whole with some incredibly memorable characters. A second part is due later this year, but in the meantime this is a wonderful story in its own right.

Like Grisaia, note that the version of Ne no Kami on Steam is all-ages, but in this case the 18+ content can be patched in with a piece of $5 DLC from publisher Denpasoft.

All about Ne no Kami
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Fairy Fencer F: Advent Dark Force (80% off)


The definitive way to experience the story of Compile Heart’s Fairy Fencer F plus two completely new narrative routes through the second half of the game, Advent Dark Force is a solid RPG with excellent mechanics, beautiful art, a memorable cast and some great music from genre veterans.

Taken in context of Compile Heart’s complete catalogue, it’s one of their most consistently solid games, too, and proof that with each new title they put out, they come on in leaps and bounds.

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Mystery Chronicle: One Way Heroics (90% off)


Spike Chunsoft’s reimagining of SmokingWOLF’s unusual roguelike may have had a slightly rocky launch on PC, but a series of updates have put the game on a par with its console brethren. Blending traditional roguelike exploration with the forced scrolling of ’90s platform games, there’s nothing quite like One Way Heroics out there, and Spike Chunsoft’s take on the game is filled with audio-visual polish and plenty of content.

If you’d prefer the rather more retro-looking original, that’s also on sale. Make sure to grab the One Way Heroics Plus DLC for the best experience.

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The Ys series


With the first all-new installment in quite some time almost upon us here in the West, now’s a great time to get involved with Falcom’s flagship action RPG series Ys, since most of them (with the exception of Vita title Memories of Celceta, itself a remake of the PC Engine/SNES Ys IV games, and the PSP-only Ys Seven) are available on Steam.

Ys games feature solid gameplay, great music, gorgeous graphics and character designs and some incredibly well-considered lore and worldbuilding. You can jump in at any point, but it’s worth at least playing Ys I, Ys II and Ys Origin in order.

Read up on the whole series to date
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RPG Maker MV (65% off)

Screenshot 2016-08-17 15.59.31

The latest and greatest version of the long-running game creation tool, RPG Maker MV is a fully featured piece of software that comes with enough pre-built graphic and sound assets to get you making games right away. Once you’ve learned the ropes, it’s a simple matter to import your own art, music and sound effects, and to customise your experience with the wealth of JavaScript plugins available from talented coders on the Web.

RPG Maker is an incredibly powerful tool capable of making some excellent games. Don’t be put off by the stigma that surrounds “RPG Maker games” in certain parts of the Internet; there are few things more satisfying than putting together something of your own creation and even sharing it with others, and RPG Maker MV makes it easier to do that than ever before, with output to Windows PC, Mac OS X, mobile and HTML5 available.

Read up on how to get started with RPG Maker MV
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The Neptunia series

Megadimension Neptunia VII_20160504144600
Megadimension Neptunia VII_20160504144600

A genuine worldwide phenomenon, Compile Heart’s flagship series has gone from strength to strength over the years, growing and refining with each installment. And now most of it is available on Steam, ranging from the first three Re;Birth games to 3D beat ’em up Neptunia U and its follow-up Blanc and Neptune vs Zombies via strategy RPG Hyperdevotion Noire, then finally to modern masterpiece Megadimension Neptunia V-II.

Neptunia is a wild ride that combines witty comedy, biting satire and one of the strongest, most memorable casts in all of gaming. Take care, though; once you take your first steps into the world of Gamindustri, it’s hard to let go!

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Get Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth 2: Sisters Genneration
Get Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth 3: V Generation
Get Hyperdimension Neptunia U: Action Unleashed
Get Megatagmension Blanc and Neptune vs Zombies
Get Hyperdevotion Noire: Goddess Black Heart
Get Megadimension Neptunia V-II

Nights of Azure (30% off)


The only game I’m aware of where the main character is a lesbian vampire demon, Nights of Azure is an excellent action RPG with a mature, dark narrative, wonderful music and some excellent characterisation. It represents developer Gust’s first foray into the PC market as well as a rare departure from their iconic Atelier series, and is a wonderfully enjoyable game.

Taking on the role of aforementioned lesbian vampire demon Arnice, it’s your job to investigate the mysterious “Nightlord” and see if you can put a stop to the world being shrouded in eternal darkness without sacrificing the one you love to save everyone.

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Senran Kagura


While the mainline installments in the series affectionately known as “titty ninjas” remain confined to Nintendo’s 3DS platform, some of the best spinoffs are available on PC, including the two 3D brawlers Shinovi Versus and Estival Versus, and bizarre “rhythm cooking” game Bon Appetit.

Senran Kagura is much more than a pretty face and 25+ big pairs of tits, however; it’s a series with some of the most consistently strong characterisation in all of Japanese gaming, featuring challenging and thought-provoking narrative themes alongside plenty of breezy comedy. It has a whole lot more heart and soul to it than mainstream critics would like you to believe, so if you’ve never had the pleasure of fighting (or cooking) alongside these busty ninja girls, now’s a great time to jump in and find out all about “life and hometown”.

Read the scrolls of hidden nin-po
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Get Senran Kagura: Estival Versus
Get Senran Kagura: Bon Appetit

Supipara (35% off)


One of the most beautifully presented visual novels you’ll ever see, Supipara is an absolutely charming tale that tells the story of a young man struggling to rebuild his life with his mother after a terrible accident left her comatose for a long time. Along the way, he’ll learn a great deal about himself and his peers — and come into contact with the mysterious Alice, who claims to be a witch. But witches don’t really exist, do they…?

Supipara is intended as the first episode in a series, with future installments dependent on how well this one does. It’s a gorgeous game with a lovely atmosphere, and well worth your time — so do your part and help make the other episodes happen!

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