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Warriors Wednesday: Grand Finale (For Now) – Warriors All-Stars #25

And so, we bring another run through Warriors All-Stars to a close — and a (likely temporary) closing of the curtains on the Warriors Wednesday video series.

These videos have been an absolute blast to make, and they’ve actually helped me learn some of the most helpful bits and pieces about making Let’s Plays that you probably don’t notice while you’re watching (at least if I’ve done my job properly) — but I need a bit of a break and/or a change.

I’ll be continuing to cover Warriors games in writing as time goes on, as I love ’em too much not to — but the Let’s Plays will be taking a break for a little while. For now, I hope you enjoy one of the many conclusions to Warriors All-Stars!

And watch this space — I’ve already had an idea for a new series that has the potential to be a lot of fun and very interesting to explore!

Warriors Wednesday: A System of Headslapping – Warriors All-Stars #24

Today, we manage to bang out quite a few missions, including recruiting everyone’s favourite mechanical marvel from Toukiden.

Horo also believes she has the answer to the widespread amnesia problem certain members of the party have been dealing with: surely a good old-fashioned bump to the head will quite literally knock some sense back into them.

And when that’s all over and done with, we have an important choice to make. Did I choose wisely? We’ll just have to find out next time!

Warriors Wednesday: Return of the Hungry Caterpillar – Warriors All-Stars #23

In today’s episode of Warriors All-Stars, we once again discover that The Alchemist of Kick-Ass still isn’t quite ready for Chaos difficulty. Give it time!

One thing you’ll find on multiple playthroughs of Warriors All-Stars is that you’ll encounter the same battles, but perhaps approach them under different circumstances. This can also end up leading the plot in different directions depending on the combination of characters that end up in your party.

Today, we once again recruit hungry, hungry Horo to our cause… will she help lead Tamaki’s forces to victory?

Warriors Wednesday: To the Future – Warriors All-Stars #22

Today, among other things, I ponder the future and what’s next, and I’ve reached a conclusion for now.

At the end of this current playthrough of Warriors All-Stars, the series will be retiring for now. I haven’t yet decided if I will bring it back yet, but I need a bit of time back in my week, especially now I’m taking on some paid freelance assignments as well as everything that’s already happening here and on YouTube. Sorry to those of you that have keenly tuned in each week to see my hack-and-slash adventures! I’ll make an effort to write more about some Warriors games here on MoeGamer to make up for it.

We’ve still got a few episodes left in us yet, though, so let’s enjoy them! Today we see how despite having multiple starting points, Warriors All-Stars’ various narrative paths tend to intertwine with one another, as we once again encounter the demonic (and devilishly handsome) Darius…

Warriors Wednesday: The Young Dragon – Warriors All-Stars #21

Clearing the game in Warriors All-Stars once unlocks the hardest difficulty: Chaos Mode.

In Chaos Mode, you’re presented with high-level, tough enemies but offered the possibility of better drops, plus a nice big multiplier of the rewards you get at the end of a mission. Sadly, Sophie and company aren’t quite ready for the primetime on this difficulty just yet, but they’re getting there!

At least they would be if Sophie didn’t go and get herself in trouble while picking catnip, forcing Mitsunari Ishida and friends into action to  save her alchemist ass…

Warriors Wednesday: Redhead Tactician – Warriors All-Stars #20

Our second playthrough of Warriors All-Stars gets well and truly underway as we get to grips with Sophie’s moveset, and look at expanding Tamaki’s forces.

On today’s agenda is Mitsunari Ishida, a vibrant-haired, brilliant tactical mind with his own strong opinions on how best to wage war. How will he get along with the rather flighty Sophie… and the somewhat more grounded Plachta?

Better punch a whole load of dudes in the face to find out!

Warriors Wednesday: The Alchemist of Kick-Ass

Having beaten the game last week, today it’s time to start a whole new Warriors All-Stars adventure!

This time around, we’re taking Sophie from Atelier Sophie as our leading lady, which puts us into Tamaki’s story route rather that Setsuna’s, which we explored last time around.

This should mean we get the opportunity to encounter and recruit some different characters and see some brand new story scenes… as well as getting to throw Punis at people. What’s not to like?

Warriors Wednesday: Finale? – Warriors All-Stars #18

And so, we reach the conclusion of our Warriors All-Stars adventure. Or, well, the first conclusion, anyway; this is a game with multiple endings, and a variety of paths through its overall narrative.

The ending we achieve today is not the “true” ending, but it forms a suitable conclusion to the narrative path we’ve been following. Plus you get to see some absolutely disastrous attempts at a “one-hit kill” mission; things get real messy for poor old Honoka for a while there.

This may be the end of our first playthrough of Warriors All-Stars but we’re far from done yet! There are more characters to unlock and play as, more narrative paths to explore and more hot furries to lust over. Fight. I meant fight.

Warriors Wednesday: A Light Worth Protecting

Now we’re making good progress through the plot, it’s clear we’re starting to move towards one of the various conclusions to Warriors All-Stars.

For those unfamiliar, Warriors All-Stars features numerous endings based on the choices you make throughout the game. These aren’t visual novel-style binary choices, however; they mostly relate to which characters you recruit and which specific battles you choose to participate in.

Thankfully, there’s a handy menu in the game that shows you which battles unlock which paths. For now though, we’ll just have to see where this all ends up…

Warriors Wednesday: Beautiful Flowers – Warriors All-Stars #16

Today in the world of Warriors All-Stars, it’s a day of gradually conquering the map and inching towards a new Dramatic Battle.

For the uninitiated, a core mechanic in Warriors All-Stars is your area of control over the overall map. This is most broadly affected by the major battles you complete, such as story battles and character unlocks, but fine-tuned by the more “generic” battles you encounter along the way. As such, in order to expand your sphere of influence — and thus the battles you’re able to participate in — you’ll need to engage in skirmishes right on the front lines.

Today our main goal is reaching the “Beautiful Flowers” battle, which pits some of the prettiest ladies of this Warriors world against seemingly overwhelming odds!