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Warriors Wednesday: A Light Worth Protecting

Now we’re making good progress through the plot, it’s clear we’re starting to move towards one of the various conclusions to Warriors All-Stars.

For those unfamiliar, Warriors All-Stars features numerous endings based on the choices you make throughout the game. These aren’t visual novel-style binary choices, however; they mostly relate to which characters you recruit and which specific battles you choose to participate in.

Thankfully, there’s a handy menu in the game that shows you which battles unlock which paths. For now though, we’ll just have to see where this all ends up…

Warriors Wednesday: Beautiful Flowers – Warriors All-Stars #16

Today in the world of Warriors All-Stars, it’s a day of gradually conquering the map and inching towards a new Dramatic Battle.

For the uninitiated, a core mechanic in Warriors All-Stars is your area of control over the overall map. This is most broadly affected by the major battles you complete, such as story battles and character unlocks, but fine-tuned by the more “generic” battles you encounter along the way. As such, in order to expand your sphere of influence — and thus the battles you’re able to participate in — you’ll need to engage in skirmishes right on the front lines.

Today our main goal is reaching the “Beautiful Flowers” battle, which pits some of the prettiest ladies of this Warriors world against seemingly overwhelming odds!

Warriors Wednesday: The Truth Hurts – Warriors All-Stars #14

In today’s episode of Warriors All-Stars, we start to get a hint of what Setsuna’s up to — and why the war among the furry siblings kicked off in the first place.

Setsuna hasn’t been entirely forthcoming with Arnice, Kasumi and his other allies, however… and as such they’re finding it somewhat difficult to trust him, as his true intentions remain somewhat murky. Can you truly be someone’s comrade if you don’t really know why they’re fighting in the first place? Can you trust an ally if you learn more about their philosophy from your supposed “enemies” than from the ally themselves?

These are all big questions that will need to be answered eventually. For now, though, let’s continue racking up those monstrous KO counts!

Warriors Wednesday: The Ultimate Evil – Warriors All-Stars #13

In today’s episode of Warriors All-Stars, several incarnations of “evil” struggle over the definition of that very concept.

Specifically, Darius, Laegrinna, Nobunyaga Oda and Arnice decide to investigate an offer of “the ultimate evil”… but it turns out that each of them are expecting something rather different from this supposed prize, and of course there’s a surprise waiting for them at the conclusion of their journey!

This Dramatic Battle mission shows some of the interesting things that Warriors All-Stars does by mixing up characters from different franchises with different but subtly related thematic content, and allowing them to interact with one another. It’s a lot of fun!

Warriors Wednesday: Let’s Meow Meow – Warriors All-Stars #12

In our twelfth week of fighting for this strange other world, I figure out some things about Warriors All-Stars that might help us make faster progress!

So today is all about cleaning up some of the major objectives we’ve got left on the area of the map we have unlocked. Specifically, we’re going to tackle Mitsunari Ishida and Nobunyaga Oda, and hopefully add them to our forces.

Hmm? Did you say something? No, I’m pretty sure I spelled that correctly…

Warriors Wednesday: Dramatic Battle – Warriors All-Stars #11

One of the interesting things about Warriors All-Stars is that its structure changes and varies according to the battles you participate in and the characters you unlock.

Today we investigate a “Dramatic Battle”, which is a story-based battle with some specific unlock requirements — in this case, the presence of several particular characters in the party at once.

Follow along with the fortunes of three amnesiac young ladies as they attempt to track down their missing memories the only way they know how: by racking up an enormous KO count.

Warriors Wednesday: Hungry Hungry Horo – Warriors All-Stars #10

Darius is hungry, and the only cure for that is, of course, the cooking of a local village that has recently been raided by bandits.

Naturally, they want their food retrieving first, so the Warriors gladly agree to help out, secure in the knowledge that doing so will allow them to add another thousand or two kills to their respective counts… but they didn’t count on the presence of a mysterious and very hungry young woman.

Horo, of Toukiden fame, is ready for action… and dinner. Can our heroes keep up with her?