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Warriors Wednesday: Who’s That Girl – Warriors All-Stars #4

You know sometimes how you see someone and you know that you know them, but you just can’t remember their name? Yeah, that.

How could I forget dear old Honoka, though? She’s become quite a high-profile mascot for the Dead or Alive series in various crossover collaborations — besides Warriors All-Stars she also had a guest appearance in Senran Kagura — but her name just fell right on out of my head for some reason.

Oh well. At least I remember her name once she’s said it a few times… and once she’s joined Arnice’s brigade of brave warriors!

Warriors Wednesday: Kasumi’s Arrival – Warriors All-Stars #3

Now we’re past those pesky introductory missions, it’s time to get down to the real Warriors All-Stars.

This game doesn’t mess around either; it immediately provides you with a huge variety of things to do, including time-limited events, battles where you can recruit new playable characters to your cause, and story-critical Key Battles.

The whole thing actually unfolds rather like a cross between a traditional Warriors game and Hyrule Warriors’ excellent Adventure Mode, which is a recipe for a lot of fun over the long term so far as I’m concerned!

Warriors Wednesday: Furry Politics – Warriors All-Stars #2

Having established that we are well and truly in isekai territory, Arnice, Christophorus and Rio appear to have a lot of work ahead of them.

For now, it seems, their best course of action is to go along with the furry inhabitants of this other world. These strange individuals appear to not only be trying to restore the life and colour to their broken world, but also are locked in a war for outright supremacy and dominion.

The struggle for the throne begins with a skirmish on Zack Island, of Dead or Alive Xtreme fame, and sees Arnice and co getting to know their rival forces a little better.