Final Fantasy Marathon: The Great Escape – Final Fantasy II #22

Did you know that the Teleport spell does not work in the Unknown Palace? I did not.

As such, I took Minwu and company deep into said dungeon “just to see how far we could get” and then decided that we’d turn back when I ran out of Ethers. Unfortunately things turned out to not be quite that simple. At all.

Enjoy the video below, and don’t forget to subscribe on YouTube for more!

4 thoughts on “Final Fantasy Marathon: The Great Escape – Final Fantasy II #22”

  1. I don’t like it when a game breaks its own rules like that. I guess it’s part of the reason those somewhat immersion-spoiling ‘you’re about to move into the endgame, are you sure you’re ready to go?’ dialogues are a necessary evil.

    Sorry if I keep recommending games you’re already well aware of, but I just finished the stylish and charming (and free!) Helltaker yesterday and I’m sure it’d be right up your alley!

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    1. I think in terms of the game’s internal logic, it is actually “consistent”; the way Teleport works is that it takes you outside of a region flagged as a “dungeon” to wherever you entered it on the world map. Soul of Rebirth doesn’t have a world map so there’s nowhere to teleport you to — in other words, the “Unknown Palace” area is basically considered as a child of the town.

      I mean, if they were feeling generous, they’d have defined the town as a “world map” area and allowed you to teleport out of that, but hey — gotta add a bit of inflated challenge, huh? At least it made for a fun war story!

      Oh yes, Helltaker — I’ve seen people posting images relating to that online but know nothing about it. I’ll give it a look for sure!


      1. I don’t know if I’d call it inflated or not; thinking about it, it must have been very obvious that Teleport was greyed out as an option in Minwu’s spell menu. Of course, it’s not like you were keeping your eyes peeled for that kind of thing, so it could go either way. I probably don’t mind these kind of things since when I play a game, I (to put it in the most vulgar way possible) try to bend the game over backwards and have my way with it, so I would treat something like that as the game trying to resist me in it’s own cute little way, and promptly ignore it.


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