Final Fantasy Marathon: How To Train Your Wizard – Final Fantasy II #3

Four-figure magic damage against Rank 2 enemies? It’s more likely than you think!

Yes, after suffering an embarrassing defeat in Kashuan Keep, I decide to take a bit of time to train up Maria as a specialised black mage. The results are very pleasing indeed. Very pleasing, indeed. I think we’ve established a suitable progression strategy for the rest of the game now…

We may not make a ton of story progress in today’s episode, but it’s a solid exploration of how Final Fantasy II’s much-maligned progression systems work. And a reminder that anyone interested in the SaGa series should check this one out — since Final Fantasy II is essentially the proto-SaGa.

2 thoughts on “Final Fantasy Marathon: How To Train Your Wizard – Final Fantasy II #3”

  1. In all fairness, character progression systems are (obviously) very abusable in the first place anyway. To me, there’s no real difference between what we have here with the “use it to improve it” system of progress or the “gain xp to level up” system that is generally more popular. They both provide you an easy, almost (or in some cases, completely) brainless way to ignore the difficulty in a game and just bulldoze through by making the characters too strong. Can’t really say that there’s anything inherently wrong with that design, though I don’t care much for it.

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