Atari ST A to Z: Slaygon

There was a time when we couldn’t take first-person adventures for granted; a dark time when you could only turn by 90 degrees and move by 5 feet at a time.

Okay, we still have games like that, but at least we have a choice these days. Back when Slaygon was released for Atari ST, it’s pretty much all we had if we wanted to infiltrate some sort of complicated installation… such as a futuristic tech company looking to unleash a deadly virus into the atmosphere for… some reason!

Slaygon put an interesting twist on the dungeon crawler formula by putting you in control of a futuristic cybertank with all manner of fancy systems for you to use. It was still all about finding the right keys for the right doors though…

Find a full archive of all the Atari A to Z videos on the official site.

3 thoughts on “Atari ST A to Z: Slaygon”

  1. I had no idea that Slaygon was built in GFA Basic! The language was one of the first I learned for hobbies and school projects and I never considered it for gaming. Probably was quite a few games on the ST made with it too but once STOS was released I suppose it was also harder for them to be noticed.

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    1. I don’t think I ever used GFA Basic myself, but I was aware of its existence. I used STOS a fair bit, though, because I found my skills from Atari BASIC on the 8-bit transferred quite nicely; I only ever really finished one “project” as such, but it was a functional game!

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