New Game Plus: Five S – Project Zero #12

This is it! This is what it all comes down to… what I’ve been training for.

Will that tortuous Nightmare mode playthrough of Project Zero, along with finally clearing out that pesky ghost list, prepare me for a long-overdue S-rank clear of any of the missions in the game’s Battle mode? Will my epic battle against that dead guy in that one closet have all been worthwhile?

Find out on today’s episode of New Game Plus, only on MoeGamer. And, err, YouTube.

Well, that makes a surprising amount of difference! Between the “Zero” lens, unlocked for completing the ghost list, and the “Paralyse” ability, which I really should have unlocked much sooner in my original playthrough, laying the smack down on those ghosts is significantly easier than it once was. It’s not just JRPGs where you get to make yourself ludicrously overpowered before going back to stomp all over your former nemeses, you know…

The “Zero” lens is especially useful for Battle mode, because it means you don’t have to charge up the Camera Obscura — it’s always ready to fire at full power. This means as long as you time your shots to coincide with a Shutter Chance (the targeting circle going orange), you’ll always get the profitable Zero Shot, at which point you can start stacking all the other modifiers (such as Core Shot, Close Shot and Bind Shot) for big points.

Meanwhile, were I to, heaven forbid, ever do a Nightmare mode speedrun in an attempt to unlock the last costume and special function, the “None” lens, unlocked by completing Nightmare mode once, will prove very useful, allowing you to shoot without consuming film, meaning you don’t have to worry about ammunition at all. But that’s a challenge for another day, as after this episode we’re bidding a fond farewell to Project Zero, at least for now…

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