New Game Plus: Nightmare Finale – Project Zero #11

This is it! It’s nearly over! Yes, today we clear Nightmare mode on Project Zero for the first time.

The last night in the game was actually a whole lot shorter than I remembered it being, but at least there’s only one wandering ghost to pick up on our ongoing quest to clean up the ghost list.

Hit the jump to see how the buildup and the dramatic conclusion to Miku’s story went this time around…

It all went pretty smoothly today. The last chapter doesn’t have many obstacles between you and the grand finale, so it’s a pretty straightforward, relatively linear path from start to finish. There are a few optional hidden ghosts to pick up along the way (a couple of which I’d missed and subsequently picked up off-camera) but aside from that, it’s a case of getting your head down and heading right for the final boss.

After that, you unlock the Chapter Select facility — great for cleaning up those last few holes in the ghost list — and the “None” function for the camera, which allows you to shoot without consuming film. Nifty! And I can see that being very handy for speedruns, since you can just equip the most powerful film and blast away with gay abandon. Which is nice.

Next episode will likely be our last time with Project Zero for the time being — we’ll take on some of those Mission Mode challenges with the “Zero” ability you get from completing the ghost list and see how many (if any) S-ranks we’re able to attain…

More about Project Zero

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